Friday, September 02, 2011

It's the Friday before a long weekend and I'm feeling pretty good.  Wore my cute fall coat to work today, yelled at a guy on the train for being too pushy and ate a donut.  Emma's off to the vet, and of course she's looking better.  As soon as you make an appointment, they (dogs/kids) magically cure themselves. 

We got some good news this week after 5 months of some hair pulling, Matt is finally moving up at work!  He's been going on interview after interview, dealing with corporate politics and finally, this week it paid off.  I haven't really posted much about it because I'm not entirely comfortable with talking about our jobs on the net, but I'm so incredibly proud of him.  He's been down in the dumps for the last few months because he's incredibly hard on himself and I think this is just the boost he needed. My bosses also gave me a little raise this past week which was nice. We just need to keep trucking forward.

Emma's birthday is coming up soon, we think.  We're not entirely sure what day she was born but the vet picked September 17th so we're going with that. Matt thought her birthday was yesterday so he was walking down the street with her telling everybody.  It was cute but he was wrong. I think I may get her a cute birthday hat.

My long weekend is going to be pretty tame.  This is our last weekend with A before we start a new schedule.  It will be a change for us, going from having him every weekend to every-other, but we are hoping it's a good one.  We want to put the least stress possible on him as he starts school and we feel as though this may help.  I still have pictures to share from our trip to the fair last week so I  may do that at some point.  We'll see how motivated I am.

How's that for a random post!

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