Friday, March 30, 2012

Anybody else pick up some tickets (or 5, like myself)? I've never played before but I thought why the hell not.  It's a buck (or 5) and it's kind of fun. I know the chances of me winning are like, one in 30 billion but somebody eventually has to win so I may as well take that chance.

If I win, none of y'all will know because I would keep my identity a secret.  I can't imagine the crazies that would come out of the wood work for some of that. I would also talk to attorneys and financial people to see what the best way to go about investing or what not. I hear it's best to not spend any of the principal and just live off the interest but I'd want to help some people out first.  Enough of that boring stuff, now the fun stuff.

-Pay off my Mom's house and debts, buy her or build her a house anywhere she wanted.  This goes for my siblings and friends. I would probably give them a hefty chunk, like 10 million each, to be comfortable. I'd set up college funds for my nieces and nephew, although with that kind of money, would you go to college?

-I'd buy myself a few properties around the world. Nothing crazy like a palace, but modest, like a charming cottage in Ireland (with lots of sheep).

-Finish school?  Man, I don't know.  With that kind of money, I think I'd be all set.

-Quit my job.  Yep, sorry job!

-Travel.  I'd probably take a year or two and travel the globe.  ALL of it. I want to see everything.

-Since I would no longer be working, I'd start doing something that I'm passionate about, such as helping animals.  I think I would set up animal sanctuary around the US, or animal rescues.  Maybe have a huge piece of land with just a ton of dogs running around who were discarded.  Definitely something to help my furry friends.

-Donate, donate, donate.  Or else anonymously help families or people in need.  I always thought it would be so cool to leave a $1,000 tip for a waitress just because. I obviously can't do that at this point, but we're dreaming.

Now, on to Matt's dreams.  I asked him last night what he would do.  He said:

-Buy the Red Sox

-Be single.  NOTED. ;)

Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm still in a bit of a funk and instead of just spewing my hatred for everything on my blog, I just stay away.  Sometimes I bitch it out on Twitter so if you're feeling brave, you can find me there.

Last week I was on Spring Break from school, sadly I still had to come to work.  It was glorious.

But, just because the universe loves shitting on my parade, my car was hit by an "alleged" drunk driver Friday night.  Matt decided to go to bed early because he had to wake up early to go to a meeting so I was just settling in to watch some tv on the couch with Emma.  I heard him start screaming and really didn't think much of it.  (He's known to be a little dramatic) I thought maybe his guitar fell off the bed or something but no, he came running out in his underwear, running to the front door and screaming that a driver just hit our car. 

I jumped up, and ran outside too (Bra-less and shoe-less, we were quite the sight).  Sure enough, there was a Camry just smushed into our car. The driver, a female, took off on foot and I called 911.  She drove the wrong way up our one way street, playing ping pong off cars all the way up and eventually landed on mine.  She did leave her purse which had her license in the car as well as the car registration.  Miraculously, I was cool as a cucumber during this incident.  I think minor annoyances in the workplace set me off more. 

The person who was driving was driving a company vehicle with livery plates so we assumed they had insurance, they do, so when all is said and done, we won't have to pay anything and we get to drive around a rental for awhile. That was part of my weekend but I was determined not to let it ruin it.

This is the damage.  Not too bad but considering about 4 dents were over $1400 to fix, I'm sure this will reach maybe $5000.  She took the wheel off too, not sure if they'll be able to put it back on or how that works.

Saturday, Emma and I played at the park for a bit and then both took like 6 hour naps.  Emma was not invited back to daycare due to an incident which I believe is bullshit so, that's also another thing we've had on our plate, a crazy energetic dog.  But she did great on Saturday and Sunday.

Yesterday Matt and I went and saw the Hunger Games with some friends of mine.  He didn't read the books, I devoured them and I loved the movie.  We went out to lunch, came home, I took another nap and then we settled in to watch Mad Men. It was a pretty great weekend.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I hate logging into Blackboard, expecting to see an 80% on your test, only to see that you got a 65%.  OH WELL. I had a 90% in Algebra, until yesterday.  I kind of bomb it on tests.

But...I decided I'm going to do something fun.  I'm going to plan a "Yay, I graduated" trip!  I was looking through photos the other day of my trip to Frankfurt, Germany and Amsterdam and I got a little teary.  That trip was so much fun.  No worries, just friends.  There was a meltdown walking through the red light district of Frankfurt but we pulled ourselves together and had a blast.

This trip probably won't happen until next Summer or a little later but it gives me something to focus on.

My friend lives in Frankfurt and I would love to go see her again.  It sucks living in two different countries but it also kind of awesome when you want to visit.  Maybe a road trip to Spain?  A side trip to Morocco?


(I can't believe those are the only two pictures I have from the whole trip in my photobucket.  Kind of sad)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

As I was watching the news last night, they shared a story about a fire in Boston's Back Bay area of the city.   I didn't think much of it but when I woke up this morning they were still talking about it.  Apparently it caused a transformer to blow and that section of the city was without power.  I work in that section of the city so I was fluttering around all morning hoping I would get into work, the lights would be off, and I would return soon after to my couch. 

That didn't happen.  

I got off the train and started walking.  Cops were everywhere direction traffic, news crews were set up and as I walked, nothing was open.  I turned the corner, still dark.  As soon as I got to my building, the lights were on.  Fuck.

The days gone downhill since then.  I have a midterm tonight and I'm trying to study between writing up 146 different versions of a stupid memorandum and every time I switch to my algebra, I don't remember any of it.  It's all escaped me. My face is breaking out, I can't stop twitching or bouncing my foot, tears have been flowing while trying to type. This day needs to end.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Things have been awfully quite around here.  I kind of lost the blogging umpf. Sometimes I want to write multiple posts in one day, and sometime I want to be silent for weeks.

This weekend consisted of good and bad.  It was our first weekend of not having A after having him for 3 weeks so Matt worked on Saturday meaning that Emma didn't go to daycare.  And that's our routine, Emma goes to daycare on Saturday.  Her not going meant that she was extremely hyper and after having a terrible week, I really had no energy to deal with her.  We had some freak show weather on Saturday, it was cold and some snow fell so I couldn't take her to the park so her and I sat inside and sulked.  It wasn't pretty. I tried to do homework which is impossible with a 55 pound dog up your ass, so nothing got done. I was in tears most of the day and night. I put myself to bed early on Saturday and just wanted the week to be over with.

I hate when I have these days.  It makes me question if there's a deeper problem going on, like depression.  I'm not sure if these are "normal" outbursts or if I'm just so incredibly overwhelmed that this is what happens when I break. "Normal" 25 year olds are not working full time, going to school, trying to take care of an apartment, a relationship and share custody of a 5 year old. I think, if I wasn't in school, my life would be easier to control.  I only have 3 classes left though (after the two I finish that I'm in now) so I can't stop.

I woke up Sunday, took Emma to daycare, grabbed a coffee on the way home and determined not to have another awful day.  I got to work on my homework, completed it within an hour and took off to go do some shopping by myself before Matt woke up.  I grabbed some new coral skinny jeans, a flowy top and cardigan and some new nail polish.  It's amazing what a little retail therapy does. We later went to the movies and saw Wanderlust, came home and relaxed.  It was a nice way to end the week and hopefully this week will be less miserable.

So, speaking of new nail polish, I think I've rekindled my love for it.  I wasn't very big on wearing polish but after Zoya did a promotion for two free bottles, I've been on a kick lately.  I bought that pretty plum color this weekend and have about 10 more bottles in my cart waiting to be purchased.


Here's to a new week filled with lot's of sunshine (at least in Boston) so I'm hoping to make it a good one.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Things have been boring lately, which I guess is a good thing.  I don't really want to bore everyone else with the mundane details of life though. Get up, go to work, come home, sleep and get up to do it all over again.  Very titillating.

But, now that the weather is starting to warm up and Spring is on its way, we will actually be able to go do things. So, in short, I'm still here, just boring. Also not pregnant or engaged or getting married so...very uninteresting.