Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pot smoking and Male Strippers

The Foozer tour is officially over. Oakland was the last stop for these two bands.

The show fucking rocked! This was by far the best concert I have ever been to.

We'll start with Weezer. These guys are hot. Nerdy Hot. Rivers, the lead singer, can't dance worth shit. It's funny to try and watch him though. He's hopping/jumping around stage. I laughed my ass off.

When they started singing their song "We are all on drugs" you should have seen the massive amount of lighters that went *poof* and then joints and bongs started making their way through the crowd. It was crazy.

The final song they sang was "Buddy Holly". Six males also joined them onstage. Halfway through these six males started stripping. AHHH..yeah! They stripped until they were only wear these little sock-thongs. Then they started shaking their asses. was funny.
We later found out the the Foo Fighters had hired these strippers for Weezer as a prank since this was the last show.


On to the Foo Fighters. Can I just say that Dave Grohl's hair is...well....awesome.

Foo Fighters rocked, seriously rocked. I was in awe pretty much the whole time.

Dave Grohl-if you want me to have your babies, I will...I promise.

Sadly not as much pot smoking during their performance but the drinking was rather abundant. We also didn't get to see any male strippers but we did get to hear Dave talk a lot. He likes to say Fuck. I officially love him.

Foo Fighters:

Friday, October 28, 2005

My name is Jonas

I have a date tonight with:

Foo Fighters. Weezer. and Hot Hot Heat

It's gonna be fun!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wholly Mammoth?

Okay, after reading my last post I think I was wrong in calling girl "stupid". But something is wrong with her in the learning department. She needs help. For your viewing pleasure I will type up her story that she needed to write and give me your thoughts. Personally, this story looks like a 1st grader wrote it.

The Lost Costume

On Sunday, October 31, 2004, I was looking for my Haloween costume. So I started looking for my costume, I went down stairs and looked in the laundry room, no not there. Is it in the kichen, no. maybe my mom put it in the closet. So I opened the door slowely and walked in and AHHHHH HHHELLLPPP! Thump I went on the ground.

Gross there is this mucky green stickey mush on the ground, so I stood you tried to wipe the gunk off. So I kept creeping around, and there was graffiti all over the walls, and a picture of a clown too. There was a lot of garbage, and spit balls. There was also blood dripping from the ceiling, and the plants growing out of the walls. So I just kept walking, and on the left of me there was a Wholly Mammonth and flies all over it. Then something pulled me to the wall, and choked me, so I kicked it and it went away, well that's what I thought, then I heared a bell like the sound in a wrestling mach ding, ding. So I pretended to wrestled the ghost.......after a while I was taken by the hand, and it was shoken by some thing. Then this door led open and led me to the costume.

After I climbed out of the "closet" I took a shower, and got chaned to go trick or treating!

Good Lord! That was hard for me to type with all the mistakes. I feel bad for girl. This is acceptable work in her eyes. Her parents and I are stuck with what to do with her. I don't know anymore.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tyra, what will I do without you

The Child Development class I took in high school is not helping me out at all. At 10 years old, kids are still supposed to be loving, gentle, creatures. I don't know what the fuck happened in girls gene-pool but she's one crazy, pyscho bitch.

Today for the first time I actually remained calm during her meltdowns and mood-changes. I spoke to her in a non-harsh tone and stood my ground. She needed to study for her social studies test tomorrow before she got on the computer to do homework due next week. She didn't like that idea so she pissed and moaned all afternoon. She told me numerous times to "just shut up already" and "you're annoying". I just let those phrases roll of me. Karma is a bitch and one day I have a feeling it's going to bite her in the ass.

So now I'm off of work and the one and only thing I would like to do is sit and watch America's Next Top Model in the family room. Can I do it?? NOOOO. Girl is in there finally studying for her stupid god damn test and won't leave the room. I asked her if she could study up-stairs, or in the living room or dining room but she won't move. Bitch.

I hope she fails tomorrow, I really do. Maybe that will teach her a lesson.
And she probably will fail because she's not very good at school work..hah!


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Piss me off

You know what I hate...folding sheets.

I just don't understand the whole process and they always end up looking like shit. My philosophy: Roll them in a ball and toss them in cupboard.

I hate it, I hate it, I hate

Friday, October 21, 2005

Phat or Fat

I was a little hesistant to write this post because of the critiscism I might recieve, but what the hell...I need to tell somebody.

I've always had a problem with how I view myself weight wise. I think I'm fat. At 5' 7'' weighing 145 pounds most people see me as average. I acually got up to 150 pounds and thats when I decided to lose weight. Right now I'm at 135...I lost 15 pounds. Most people say I look really good right now but I still feel fat. Grossly fat.

For the past few months I've been *trying* to eat as healthy as possible but every once in awhile I get this urge to binge. Last night for example I ate four pieces of pizza. I NEVER eat four pieces of pizza. I felt disusting afterwards and when I went to the bathroom I wanted to throw-up. The throw-up urge has hit me on more than one occasion. I'm scared I'm going to give in. I also went into the backyard and ran around the pool I don't know how many times wanting to rid my body of the calories I just consumed. I hate running as why am I doing this to myself.

For now...I'll weigh myself on the scale 25 times a day and become even more neurotic about losing more weight. Uggh.

Monday, October 17, 2005

30 days

It's Fo Sho...I'm leaving in a month.

I'm still shocked that I'm actually leaving. This has been my life for the last 10 months and I'm so used to it now. Right now things around the house are fairly well. No big fights and no big complaints. Just when we all got used to one another, I'm leaving.

I'm happy to go, but sad as well. The kids have made me cry soooo many times yet I'll miss them sooooo much. They've grown a lot since I've been here.

Today they both asked me if the new nanny will listen to rock music like I do when I drive them places. They love my rock music. Boy also asked if she will be able to make the specail mac-n-cheese that he loves so much. I don't know kids...

I hope she's good to them.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I went and saw this movie last night. GREAT movie.

Y'all should go see it.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday FunDay

Here are 10 things you probably never knew (or wanted to know) about me:

1) I was born on New Years Day, and my best friend was born on New Years Eve

2) I have never met my real dad but the guy I consider my dad I don't talk to anymore

3) I once had a snowball fight with friends from midnight until 6 oclock in the morning

4) I slept outside one night with no blanket and no Montana

5) I have been within 3 feet of one huge ass Grizzly Bear ( I was in a car..but still)

6) I was on the debate team in high school and made a boy cry during one of our rounds

7) I have been to 21 states and 5 countries

8) I'm allergic to Sour Patch Kids (but I love them)

9) I miss Montana

10) I cut the tip of my finger once with electric pruning shears. It was danglin' by a thread of skin

AND...that's all for today!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

You think you know, but you have NO idea

When I first got this job I had about two days with the nanny that was leaving. She showed me what to do and things around town. We went out to lunch and talked and she told me stories about the "real" family I would soon be working for.

Things are going to be diffrent this time. I got an e-mail from Host Mom yesterday asking if I would mind leaving the same day as the new nanny arrived. Her reasoning was that girl didn't like sharing her room last time with the old nanny because I had taken old nanny's bedroom. I guess me sleeping on girl's floor would cause maybe household drama, therefore I should leave.

I'm fine with leaving the same day, but I'm scared of what the new nanny is going to be going through. Host Dad is going to be showing her how to do the job, showing her around town, eating lunch..yada yada yada. If a whole week with him doesn't make her want to leave then she's one tough chick.

But now I'm curious. Why don't they want me showing her the job and all the other stuff. If it's only because girl doesn't want me sleeping in her bedroom then theres other places to sleep in the house.

Maybe it's because I would tell the new nanny to just go back home....everything is not as it seems.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Is someone getting the best of you

Today as I was waiting for the kids to get out of school I watched a mother get rather annoyed with her child. She had dropped an envelope while carrying her other child and wanted her little boy to pick it up. Her son bent down, picked up the envelope and then accidentally dropped it. She got quite irratated and started saying to him that he needed to use both hands and to just hand her the envelope. I started thinking to myself that him dropping the envelope again wasn't that big of a deal and the lady just needed to calm down. I judged her...without even knowing her story.

When the kids and I made it home from school I told boy that he needed to get ready for swim practice. He usually whines and complains about going and today was the same thing. He started repeating over and over again that he wasn't going. To me there was no discussion-I said you are going to swim practice so therefore you are going to swim practice. He continued testing my patience. He just stood at the table and played with an eraser...just standing there...annoying me further.

He did finally make it up to his bedroom but when he didn't come back down I went upstairs to investigate. He was just sitting there sucking on his shirt(gross). I finally was to the point of yelling so I decided to give him three options.

-Go play outside(so you don't piss me off even further)
-Give me your gameboy and stay in your room( bugging me)
-Go swimming

He just sat there again...but smiling this time. SO...I decided to go with another approach. I told him that he had 5 seconds to choose one. I started counting. I STARTED COUNTED. TO AN 8 YEAR OLD. I'm turning into my Mom. When I got to 4 he choose to go swimming. Swimming. The very event we had been fighting about for 20 minutes.

Children. They get the best the of me. The probably get the best of you as well. Sometimes when arguing with them I don't know who I've become. They make me reach into parts of my personality that I would rather not reach into.

So this Mom that I was talking about in the beginning...are her children getting the best of her? Probably. And thats okay. It happens to the best of us.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Cardboard boxes are spacious...right?

I'm freaking out. TOTALLY Freaking out.

I'm going to be leaving this family at the end of December and I don't know what the hell I'm going to be doing after that. That scares me. I know I want to move to the Portland area, but then what? I need to get an apartment, a car, a job....and I have no money.

The anal plan freak in me is scared shitless.

So what do I do?

***Now I might be leaving at the end of next month!!! AHHHH!!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Over the river and through the woods to psycho Grandmas house we go

Why does my family have to be so weird. Its not my immediate family, thank god, but more like my *Grandmas by marriage* that are just plain out of touch.

Today I got a letter in the mail from my step-dads mom whom I've met once and have really never talked to, but she sent me a letter. A full two page letter. After reading it I wanted to gouge my eyeballs out but I couldn't because I was laughing so hard as to why she wrote me.

Get this....She wrote me about cleaning out her freezer room. TWO PAGES. I'm stunned. Purely stunned. I called my step-dad and told him about his mom and he said...yeah, I got one of those letter too. Even more unbelievable. Who else did she send this letter to.

On to my other Grandmother. She sends me letters all the time as well, but in poem form. The last poem I got was about celebrities naming their children weird names. Who the hell would write a poem about this stuff? My Grandma. AND...she wears hoochie clothes. I won't be seen with her because she is usually exposing her ass and her wrinkly breasts. Gag.

In comparison to my family I think I've turned out alright considering what I'm up against.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Trust me..I am a blonde

And now...What $150 gets you at the hair salon:

TA DAAAA... I LOVE IT. When somebody sees me there reaction is "Holy Shit". HEHE....

I realize this photo is fuzzy but it's just showing how much of a true rockstar I am.