Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wholly Mammoth?

Okay, after reading my last post I think I was wrong in calling girl "stupid". But something is wrong with her in the learning department. She needs help. For your viewing pleasure I will type up her story that she needed to write and give me your thoughts. Personally, this story looks like a 1st grader wrote it.

The Lost Costume

On Sunday, October 31, 2004, I was looking for my Haloween costume. So I started looking for my costume, I went down stairs and looked in the laundry room, no not there. Is it in the kichen, no. maybe my mom put it in the closet. So I opened the door slowely and walked in and AHHHHH HHHELLLPPP! Thump I went on the ground.

Gross there is this mucky green stickey mush on the ground, so I stood you tried to wipe the gunk off. So I kept creeping around, and there was graffiti all over the walls, and a picture of a clown too. There was a lot of garbage, and spit balls. There was also blood dripping from the ceiling, and the plants growing out of the walls. So I just kept walking, and on the left of me there was a Wholly Mammonth and flies all over it. Then something pulled me to the wall, and choked me, so I kicked it and it went away, well that's what I thought, then I heared a bell like the sound in a wrestling mach ding, ding. So I pretended to wrestled the ghost.......after a while I was taken by the hand, and it was shoken by some thing. Then this door led open and led me to the costume.

After I climbed out of the "closet" I took a shower, and got chaned to go trick or treating!

Good Lord! That was hard for me to type with all the mistakes. I feel bad for girl. This is acceptable work in her eyes. Her parents and I are stuck with what to do with her. I don't know anymore.


  1. The negative approach never works. Try teaching her about God and the positive things surrounding Him.

  2. Despite some spelling errors, I think that this is a very creative approach to a mundane, boring, repetitive halloween costume assignment. It's clear that she uses her imagination and wants to share it with others. Her creativity is refreshing to see.

  3. I babysit children too. And, while she is creative, she lacks structure. This is probably due to a rotten writing teacher. Now is your chance to step in and help her out. Maybe not with this paper, but with her next one. I'm sure she will appreciate the assistance if given in a kind.. way.