Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm feeling a little better. I've gotten a grasp on my schoolwork, finances seem to be more under control and all the little things I've had to do are starting to get tied up. Since moving here, I've just had a ton of things I needed to do. Nothing major but a few phone calls a week and I finally feel like those are over.

We just moved the table in and Matt's moving the rest of my stuff from the storage unit tomorrow. We are getting a new fridge delivered Monday and then really making this apartment ours begins. I want to start this weekend with Adrian. I feel like him and I have been on the outs lately and I think making some Halloween crafts together this weekend will be good for both of us.

I've never really blogged about our relationship because it's such an emotional subject. I'm not his Mom, I get that, obviously. But I am a Mom to him and learning to find that groove is an adjustment. He's also going through a fresh phase where it makes liking his adorable butt that much harder. Hopefully we will be coming out of that soon.

In other random news, when we first moved in the landlord said he wouldn't mind if we got a little dog. Now to convince him that this adorable thing is a "little" dog.

A mastiff. We want to get one from a rescue center, so now we move onto the landlord. There are no carpets in this apartment-it's all hardwood and tile so I really don't see why a dog would be bad. We also would rather not get a puppy because we both know we can't handle that right now. But I want a dog so bad and rescuing one would make it that much better.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The past few days have been rough for me. Life just sometimes gets you down and then just kicks you in the stomach while you are on the ground. It could also be the fact that I'm pmsing. Yeah....that's probably it. I also feel like I'm always pmsing.

Going to school and working full time is hard. really hard. It takes a lot of time and when I get home from work I go straight to the computer to do school and sit here for hours. So when I get online to view my grades and see that my professors have graded me much lower than I expected I start to fume. I become even more enraged when one professor decides to state on my paper that this was 'probably not my best work'. I'm also not one of those people who doesn't give a fuck, because I do. It broke me. Here I am putting hours upon hours of work into my assignments only to get non-appreciative responses. My classes are also online which makes things a lot harder to get anything accomplished when it comes to questions or problems. Having seen this has now lit a fire under my ass and now I'm going to have to put even more effort into school. I wanted to quit this weekend but I can't, I really can't.

Other than that the only worry is money. Always. I don't think that will never not be a worry in my life so I just deal with it. I'm apparently going to be getting some financial aid this semester which will help a ton but who knows when that will come in.

This weekend was nice. Matt had Saturday off for us to attend the wedding and what a weird wedding it was! The ceremony was approximately 1 minute and then nothing else was announced. People ate food, the couple cut the cake and did the first dance with not a lot of people watching. I'm glad Matt was able to see his friend again and he/we talked with someone he used to know but hasn't seen forever. She was actually friends with some people I knew so we chatted a bit as well.

After the wedding we went to Louis C.K. and, man, he is inappropriate. I think he says things that most of us think but being that we have filters we don't say them. He does and I love him for that. It was a nice change of pace for us since we've been stuck in the house a lot.

Sunday we woke up and literally snuggled until 1:30 pm. We never have that chance and it was nice. Those moments are needed, especially when I'm going through breakdown mode in my brain.

I've completed the homework I wanted to today so now I'm going to relax and watch Teen Mom. That show makes me feel better about life, that's for damn sure. Garyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My amazing friend had a baby this week. It's a time of happiness but also one that is filled with concern and worry. Sweet baby Hannah has some medical issues that need to be addressed. My friend asked if I would be a part of Hannah's arrival day and of course I wanted to be. She trusted me enough to be there through this difficult period and I was honored. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the trip down south for it. I have been kicking myself for it but it just wasn't possible. Hopefully I'll be able to come down soon to take some pictures of her squishyness but for now they are in my thoughts.

I have to say, working a full time job makes time go by so much faster. I can't believe it's almost October, I feel like I say that everytime I blog. Time just needs to stop for a bit and let me get caught up.

Matt and I have a nice weekend planned. We are attending a tattoo artists wedding tomorrow which should be fun and entertaining. After that is Louis C.K., we both need to laugh a bit. Sunday is a whole day off for me. This is the first Sunday is who knows how long that I'll be able to actually do nothing. Of course I won't, I have homework and housework to do but still...doing nothing will probably happen at some point and I'm going to cherish every minute of it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Matt just sat down and started rubbing my legs only to be met by a massive amount of prickly hairs. I think the best describes my life right now, I don't even have to time or energy to shave. We are backed up at work so they approved me for some overtime so we can try to get caught up. Now when work is over I really just want to come over and head to the couch. I did have Kate over last night and it was nice to get caught up but she didn't stay too long because we were both beat.

I just keep telling myself that this is going to be the hardest part. I'm really putting in all of this effort now for things to eventually be worth it, and it will be. This is the starting point. Waking up so early, commuting,'s all part of the bigger picture.

I had baby fever for about a year not to long ago and I didn't think it would happen but it's completely gone. A girl at work just found out she was pregnant very unexpectedly and I kept thinking what if that was me. A few months ago I would have been excited but now I think I would be not so excited.

And now I'm going to go shave my legs so my boyfriend and I can smush. Actually we probably won't but I love that word now thanks to the jersey shore..which I love more and more everyday.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm still alive, hanging on by a thread. We survived the move minus the rental truck company calling us 45 minutes before we were supposed to pick up the truck to tell us that they had went on strike. I thought I was on a radio prank show because *really*. It was all worth it though. We are slowly making this place our home and things are coming together nicely. Matt comes home and cooks me dinner every night and their is $1 laundry is the basement. City living at it's best.

During the move process I also started school. Because my plate isn't quite full enough I decided to throw that on top. I'm taking two online classes. My critical thinking class should be manageable but I'm taking a humanities class dealing with world religions and the professor seems all over the place so that should be interesting. I've also been sick all weekend. Whine Whine Whine.

I was able to go see Ellie on Sunday and babysit for a bit. She has gotten so big, it makes me so sad. She's walking up a storm, saying my name and I love you's. It was adorable. Ann wants me to potentially come back this weekend and I'll probably oblige seeing as how extra money is most welcome right now since that move nearly wiped me out.

Next few weekends are busy with a nieces birthday party, a wedding, seeing Louis C.K. with Matt and friends and working more on the apartment. I really can't believe it's already September. Ick.