Monday, May 30, 2011

What a fun and busy weekend this has been.  Makes me remember why I love warm weather and Summer.  Friday night after work, Matt, Adrian and I met up with my friends Kate and Michael and their dog Josie.  We went to the park which is right by the water overlooking Boston.  It was so nice out.  We let the dogs play and Emma got to swim for the first time!

She was a little hesitant and stood like this in the water for awhile but after seeing Josie swim around she started moving her little paws.  It was all over after that.  She ran and swam and played for a few hours and loved it. 

We went over to Kate's house for dinner and I had mentioned to Adrian previously that they had a Wii.  He was jumping out of skin and as soon as we walked in the door he was hooked.  We don't own any video game system so he is obviously a very deprived 5 year old boy ;).  We ate yummy Mexican food, relaxed and had some laughs. 

Saturday, I went to a wedding of one of my old co-workers.  It was up in Gloucester, such an amazing location.  I didn't take any pictures because I didn't want to haul my camera around but overlooking the cliffs to the ocean was quite the site. 

Saturday morning I woke up to donuts and this:

I must complain rather loudly because my cute boyfriend brought it home for me.  Ever since going vegan, the only thing I really missed are iced coffee from DD. I could have them often but bringing my own milk just seems like too much work, hah.  I soaked it all up though.  After dropping Adrian off with his Mom I went and had a picnic at the lake with my friend Brit and her baby Logan.  He doesn't look like a baby anymore, he looks like he's ready for Kindergarten.  He's gotten SO big!  It was fun catching up, I don't get to see her often enough. 

While I was out Matt painted the living room so to keep Emma away from destroying everything we took her back to the ocean with Josie, we all layed on the grass and chatted and enjoyed a few hours out in the sun.

Today I think my friend and I are going to get lunch, pedicures, and see the movie Bridesmaids.  I work tomorrow and then we are off to Puerto Rico for vacation.  Crazy Crazy. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

School is complete and dare I say I'm a tad bored?! I don't know what to do with myself.  I'm not stressed and I actually have my nights and weekends to do what I want. 

Some other things I'm enjoying:

My job (I love the feeling of not dreading going to work)
My dog (could she be any cuter? I think not)
My boyfriend (he cooks me dinner every night, I owe him big)
Vacation time (we leave on vacation next week. Eep!)

Some things I'm not enjoying:
This weather (seriously, it's almost June and we have not 80 degrees yet, c'mon Boston)
How much my dog is costing me (little buggers sure do need a lot of shots and other things)

This week is pretty tame for us.  Working during the week, potential girls night on Friday and going to "hike" on Sunday with my friend and her baby.  Also have Monday off so I'll probably go get my toes and hands done and start packing.  I really haven't planned for us to do anything on this vacation which is weird but Matt told me last night that we are not allowed to use our phones and it's going to be "us" time.  That's all well and good but I'm leaving our dog for the first time and I'm already having anxiety about it. I'm such a wuss.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I think Adrian enjoyed his party but my day was rough.  It didn't help that I was pmsing and wanting to rip everyone's heads off but his party was fun for him. He ate cake, spent time with family, got some cool presents, played outside and went bowling.

He's 5, he probably doesn't give a rats ass about decorations and themes and invites and blah.  Matt and I were not in the best of moods together and trying to put on a happy face was difficult, but I did it. Matt and I have been feeling disconnected lately, or at least I have. With our opposite schedules and commitments, it's so hard to get time together.  I got my feelings out, I have no issues there, and I think we both are on the same page again.  I'm needy, I admit it.

The weather this week in Boston is horrendous.  If I wanted to live in Seattle I would have moved to Seattle.  The dog's going crazy, I'm going crazy and I'm ready for some sun!  Countdown to vacation has begun though.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's a very special little boys 5th birthday today.  Matt and I are will not see him due to it falling during his mother's time but we are still thinking of him.

We are celebrating by having a small party for him on Saturday.  Even though this parenting situation is not normal, we try to remind him that he has so many more people that love him and as an added bonus gets to have two birthday parties.

I wasn't there 5 years ago when he was born, obviously, but I vividly remember the first time I met him.  We were going apple picking and he was walking up the street by my old apartment in Mission Hill.  He looked like a little mini Matt, adorable as ever.

He transformed my life into something I was not prepared for.  He completely flipped my relationship with Matt on it's head.  It was no longer just us making mistakes in our journey, we had to think of him. I was transformed from being a single, careless girl into someone who no longer had that luxury.  He pushes me to make this life we have even better. We are no longer careless, or try not to be.  We think of our future and what we can do so he grows up to be a well adjusted, happy little boy.

So to Adrian, I say, I love you.  Our relationship is different than anyone else you have in your life and I hope you know that even though you are not my biological child, I would do anything for you.  You make me laugh all the time with your quirky responses in which you sound like an adult.  We do this all for you buddy. 

Sunday, May 08, 2011


Since my own mother is on the other side of the country, I'm celebrating today with myself.  I called her to wish her a Happy Mother's Day she said "you too".  She retracted that statement and then said, "Well maybe half a Mother's Day".

Being a step-mom is tricky.  I guess I'm technically not one yet because Matt and I are not married but is marriage the only thing that makes someone a step-mom?  I've been in Adrian's life for almost two years and take on the duty of "mom" every week when he is with us.

Matt didn't say anything to me this morning so I'm not exactly sure when we cross that line over into celebrating this day.  There sure as hell isn't a manual for this whole step-mom gig.

Either way, I think Mom's of all situations deserve to be celebrated no matter how they came to be.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The first few days at my new job having been going well. I get to ride this beauty up to the fifth floor. It's an old style elevator where you manually have to open and close the doors and you can see the floors as you pass them by. For some reason it makes me happy.

I do not enjoy being the new person or having to learn everything. I would rather fast forward a month to where I kind of have things down but I can't. This office is really laid back though so I get a lot of down time where I try to look busy. My lunch breaks are being enjoyed though, who would not love to go explore Boston one hour a day. I'll never grow tired of this city.