Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's a very special little boys 5th birthday today.  Matt and I are will not see him due to it falling during his mother's time but we are still thinking of him.

We are celebrating by having a small party for him on Saturday.  Even though this parenting situation is not normal, we try to remind him that he has so many more people that love him and as an added bonus gets to have two birthday parties.

I wasn't there 5 years ago when he was born, obviously, but I vividly remember the first time I met him.  We were going apple picking and he was walking up the street by my old apartment in Mission Hill.  He looked like a little mini Matt, adorable as ever.

He transformed my life into something I was not prepared for.  He completely flipped my relationship with Matt on it's head.  It was no longer just us making mistakes in our journey, we had to think of him. I was transformed from being a single, careless girl into someone who no longer had that luxury.  He pushes me to make this life we have even better. We are no longer careless, or try not to be.  We think of our future and what we can do so he grows up to be a well adjusted, happy little boy.

So to Adrian, I say, I love you.  Our relationship is different than anyone else you have in your life and I hope you know that even though you are not my biological child, I would do anything for you.  You make me laugh all the time with your quirky responses in which you sound like an adult.  We do this all for you buddy. 

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