Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Sunday afternoon already, hrmpf.  I love my weekends and they just fly by so fast. I was a little scared this weekend was going to be dreadful.  We got a call from Adrian's mother on Tuesday saying that she had Adrian with her at the hospital for her ultrasound and he had been hitting and kicking her.  Of course this behavior is not acceptable, but her calling us was also kind of baffling.  Because of this, I thought we were in for a weekend of hell but it was surprisingly nice.  We had a long discussion with Adrian about that type of behavior and how it is not okay in either household and he seemed to understand.  I just think he was overwhelmed with the prospect of getting a new baby brother and realizing that the world is no longer going to revolve around him.  While that is perfectly normal thinking, acting out in the way he did was unacceptable and his mother's reaction was also less than thrilling.

What else happened this week.....The interview on Wednesday went well! I met the office manager who was really nice too.  They asked me a few more interview type questions, I asked some more questions and it was over.  I'm hoping that I hear something this week but again, I don't want to get my hopes too high.  I'm trying to remain positive though and if I don't get the job that makes planning a vacation in May a lot easier.  I'm crossing my fingers though!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm not feeling very well today, I don't know what's going on.  I've felt very blech since this morning.  I do have exciting news though, I have a second interview with that company next week!  I was actually expecting her to tell me she decided to go with someone else when she called but was presently surprised when it was the opposite. Now I just need to go plop myself on the couch.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day.  The over commercialized love-fest.  One that I got to enjoy this year.  We wanted to celebrate yesterday since we wanted Adrian to join in on some of the festivities and also because Matt is working tonight. Hmpf.

We started the morning making vegan mini donuts.  Yum yum yum.  Adrian made "special" ones with bits of chocolate on top.  

Matt also surprised me with some roses.  I'm not one of those girls that needs flowers but it sure is nice. 

After I dropped Adrian off, I spent the afternoon shopping with a friend to make the night really special. I bought ingredients to make vegan chicken potpie and vegan red velvet cupcakes, two little heart containers to bake the potpies in and some cologne for Matt.

I get home and only  have a few hours to get everything prepared so I'm feeling a little rushed.  I whip up the cupcakes and put them in the oven.  The recipe said to let them cook for 20 minutes which seemed a little long so I checked them around 7 minutes.  They were definitely cooking.  I started to smell something burning around 9 minutes.  I quickly grabbed them out of the oven and the bottoms of them were burnt to a crisp.  Ergh. I turned the stove down 150 degrees lower than it was supposed to and tried again, but the same thing happened!  I texted Matt that I didn't think the stove was working correctly and was way over-heating.  He texted me back that that may be the "thing" he ripped from the oven on Saturday.  Apparently there was something like a wire hanging in the oven the day before and it was annoying him so he ripped it out.  :blink blink:

I wasn't able to make the cupcakes or the potpies, so everything did not go according to plan.  He came home and we made wraps and watched Netflix.  I'm still laughing about it because sometimes boys can be so dumb.  Gotta love him. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today is another lazy Saturday.  Not as lazy as I would like it to be, there is laundry, homework, taxes to file and an apartment to clean up. 

I've been listening to her: 

Her music puts me in a good mood.  I listen to her songs on the commute home from work and they just make me calm.  Her voice, the's amazing. 

The interview yesterday went well, I thought.  I interviewed with the owner of the company, she seemed to like me but she was also a little hard to read.  She said she might not make a decision for a few weeks because she wants to find the "right person".  To me that meant that I'm not it, haha, but we will see. Interviewing is always a learning experience.  

Also, my mom is coming to visit in March!  It was going to be too much of a headache for us to go see her, so she decided to come see us.  She is bringing my Aunt who has never been to Boston and they will be staying with us for about 5 days.  The apartment will be cramped but I imagine we won't be in it much.  She already bought tickets to go see Mary Poppins and the rest of the time will be spent relaxing and exploring.  I'm excited.  I haven't seen my mom in 2 years and I haven't seen my Aunt in probably 3.  It will be fun :) 

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Today/this week have had some pretty exciting events.  This might be a reaction to my PMA thinking, ha!  

Matt and I have had some heated conversations about my lack of PMA (positive mental attitude).  I feel like winter just drags it out of me.  Not to mention, I'm just not one of those types to have sunshine shining out of my ass. But I'm trying to remain positive and to not let the little things, of which there are plenty, drag me down.  

The first bit of news was on Sunday.  This wasn't a great event, actually the opposite.  Every Sunday we drop the boy off with his mother.  We have a set time & meeting place.  She no longer will answer her texts and rarely her phone calls.  Last week she did us a favor by dropping the boy off at Matt's mothers house.  In return, we told her we would drive him to her house on Sunday, no need to meet up.  We get to her house on Sunday and she is nowhere to be found.  She must have completely spaced and went to the meeting place.  We called her and agreed to meet about halfway in-between.  She then called back and started yelling at Matt about how much of a horrible father he is and other bullshit.  I don't get it.  I sat there in awe.  We tried to do something nice for her and she STILL has to throw it back in our faces.  I will never understand it.  My only conclusion is that she is so miserable in her own life that she is trying to project it onto other people.  I don't think someone who is genuinely happy would act this way.  It makes me sad.  Sad that the boy is going to have to grow up with this.  We really just want to do the best for him and let him enjoy his childhood with as much normality as possibly but she won't let it happen.  I don't think she realizes the damage she is doing.  

One the flipside of this equation, Matt's lawyer called him today in regards to the letter we had send to her attorney.  They got a letter back saying that they are no longer representing her.  Now, to some people, this would really mean nothing.  TO ME...this means a lot!  Her lawyer was part of her Uncle's firm, aka she got of her legal visits/consults/paperwork/everything for free.  That is why she kept pulling Matt back into court time and time again, because it was no sweat off of her back.  I think it's horrible that I let out a little squeel at work when I found out, but honestly, I'm so tired of her getting everything handed to her.  I have a few solutions: some drama must have gone down in her family or they were tired of wasting their time in resources and court for absolutely nothing.  They have paying clients they could be spending their time on and instead they are wasting it on her.  I'm assuming if she is now going to have to pay for a lawyer and anything legal related, we will not be stepping instead a courtroom for a long time.  This could also be why she is being so bitch.  

Geez, didn't think I was going to write that much.  

My other news, Matt's brother and his wife found out today that they are expecting a little boy!  His family has our boy and then two little nieces so adding another boy to the mix is going to be lot's of fun.   I'm sure A is going to be ecstatic.  

And...I have an interview Friday!  It's in downtown Boston, literally 8 minutes from my house.  I'm not trying to get my hopes up too high but this would be amazing.  The job is somewhat related to what I'm doing now.  I'm not sure on the pay which is my only concern.  I have a bare minimum that I need to make just to survive and I'm hoping it's not below that.  I'm still excited though! 

A few pictures I came across today that just made sense for me, right now, and where I'm at.  That's all. 

Saturday, February 05, 2011

The show last night was a success.  I feel like I'm turning into such an old lady, I could barely keep my eyes open, but I perked right up when she started performing.  It was nice to get out and actually be a human being, although just sitting on the couch with my boyfriend is as equally appealing. 

The other morning when I was the train to work, a girl was holding a french bulldog in her lap.  I about died.  

I can't handle the cuteness.
I also decided that this is the type of dog we should get and Matt agrees.  It's a small enough dog to appease the landlord but they are so cute that I will just be smothering it with kisses all day. 

Tomorrow I have an Ikea date.  Matt and I had crazy schedules this week and didn't really get to see each other so we are choosing to spend our time together there.  That's true love.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

I think I'm going to change the name of my blog this weekend.  This name seems so depressing.

Until then, Matt and I have recently become obsessed with the show Mad Men.  I wasn't able to watch it when it first started but now we are catching up on demand. 

We come home pretty much every night to see if a new episode has been posted.  I wish I worked in an office like this one, mainly for the dress.  I love the time period.

and in other randomness I'm going to see Robyn tomorrow in Boston.  My friend Kate had an extra ticket and asked me to tag along.  I really don't know who she is but Kate says she has fun dance music and I can get into that. 
  Should be fun. One more long day of work and then onto a the weekend.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Another frickin' snow day here.  Grumble grumble grumble.  I had the lovely task of driving to court about 45 minutes away from work yesterday.  It took me two hours to get there because the roads were not plowed.  It then took me almost three hours to get home.  I am staying put today and getting caught up on some housework.  Also gives me time to catch up on this ol' thing.

Saturday was Matt's birthday and ice skating went off without a hitch.

Adrian did so good ice skating.  He was really scared for a few days about going but once he saw the rink got more excited.  He held on to the edge of the rink for dear life the first few times but then would skate around holding our holds.  By the end, he was skating by himself.  

We then went and had a nice dinner and came home and crashed.  

Off to go shovel.