Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Sunday afternoon already, hrmpf.  I love my weekends and they just fly by so fast. I was a little scared this weekend was going to be dreadful.  We got a call from Adrian's mother on Tuesday saying that she had Adrian with her at the hospital for her ultrasound and he had been hitting and kicking her.  Of course this behavior is not acceptable, but her calling us was also kind of baffling.  Because of this, I thought we were in for a weekend of hell but it was surprisingly nice.  We had a long discussion with Adrian about that type of behavior and how it is not okay in either household and he seemed to understand.  I just think he was overwhelmed with the prospect of getting a new baby brother and realizing that the world is no longer going to revolve around him.  While that is perfectly normal thinking, acting out in the way he did was unacceptable and his mother's reaction was also less than thrilling.

What else happened this week.....The interview on Wednesday went well! I met the office manager who was really nice too.  They asked me a few more interview type questions, I asked some more questions and it was over.  I'm hoping that I hear something this week but again, I don't want to get my hopes too high.  I'm trying to remain positive though and if I don't get the job that makes planning a vacation in May a lot easier.  I'm crossing my fingers though!

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