Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Today/this week have had some pretty exciting events.  This might be a reaction to my PMA thinking, ha!  

Matt and I have had some heated conversations about my lack of PMA (positive mental attitude).  I feel like winter just drags it out of me.  Not to mention, I'm just not one of those types to have sunshine shining out of my ass. But I'm trying to remain positive and to not let the little things, of which there are plenty, drag me down.  

The first bit of news was on Sunday.  This wasn't a great event, actually the opposite.  Every Sunday we drop the boy off with his mother.  We have a set time & meeting place.  She no longer will answer her texts and rarely her phone calls.  Last week she did us a favor by dropping the boy off at Matt's mothers house.  In return, we told her we would drive him to her house on Sunday, no need to meet up.  We get to her house on Sunday and she is nowhere to be found.  She must have completely spaced and went to the meeting place.  We called her and agreed to meet about halfway in-between.  She then called back and started yelling at Matt about how much of a horrible father he is and other bullshit.  I don't get it.  I sat there in awe.  We tried to do something nice for her and she STILL has to throw it back in our faces.  I will never understand it.  My only conclusion is that she is so miserable in her own life that she is trying to project it onto other people.  I don't think someone who is genuinely happy would act this way.  It makes me sad.  Sad that the boy is going to have to grow up with this.  We really just want to do the best for him and let him enjoy his childhood with as much normality as possibly but she won't let it happen.  I don't think she realizes the damage she is doing.  

One the flipside of this equation, Matt's lawyer called him today in regards to the letter we had send to her attorney.  They got a letter back saying that they are no longer representing her.  Now, to some people, this would really mean nothing.  TO ME...this means a lot!  Her lawyer was part of her Uncle's firm, aka she got of her legal visits/consults/paperwork/everything for free.  That is why she kept pulling Matt back into court time and time again, because it was no sweat off of her back.  I think it's horrible that I let out a little squeel at work when I found out, but honestly, I'm so tired of her getting everything handed to her.  I have a few solutions: some drama must have gone down in her family or they were tired of wasting their time in resources and court for absolutely nothing.  They have paying clients they could be spending their time on and instead they are wasting it on her.  I'm assuming if she is now going to have to pay for a lawyer and anything legal related, we will not be stepping instead a courtroom for a long time.  This could also be why she is being so bitch.  

Geez, didn't think I was going to write that much.  

My other news, Matt's brother and his wife found out today that they are expecting a little boy!  His family has our boy and then two little nieces so adding another boy to the mix is going to be lot's of fun.   I'm sure A is going to be ecstatic.  

And...I have an interview Friday!  It's in downtown Boston, literally 8 minutes from my house.  I'm not trying to get my hopes up too high but this would be amazing.  The job is somewhat related to what I'm doing now.  I'm not sure on the pay which is my only concern.  I have a bare minimum that I need to make just to survive and I'm hoping it's not below that.  I'm still excited though! 

A few pictures I came across today that just made sense for me, right now, and where I'm at.  That's all. 

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