Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sitting close to downtown LA right now, still on Boston time, enjoying some coffee while everyone else is sleeping. Heather and I flew out for the weekend to attend a Halloween party with her friends. Yesterday we went and got breakfast, drove around looking for plastic babies, saw cardboard couches, saw Snak, drove around dead ends and saw amazing skyline scenery, and had wig parties while dancing in the kitchen.

I bought the cutest little instant camera that I have a feeling is going to be draining my bank account. Film for that little sucker is expensive but SO CUTE. Can't wait to scan the pictures.

Friday, October 16, 2009

This weather is making me very sad and just wanting to crawl into bed and not move. There was snow yesterday in Mass..WAY to early. I took a mental health day yesterday, clear my head, get caught up, relax. It was the first time since I've been going to school that I missed a day and I hated it. Heather borrowed my car though and walking to the train in 30 degree weather when I'm getting sick just didn't sound appealing.

Had some insane drama over the weekend. Let's just say when your friend doesn't like your boyfriend, shit will usually hit the fan. I think that drama is over though and hopefully people will actually get to know him before they write him off. Things in that department are good though, couldn't ask for anything more right now.

Wednesday night Kate, Heather and I went and got treated to this.

Dean Mans Bones. Amazing! The album is perfect for fall, spooky yet inspiring. He had a kids choir with him as well and they made the show even better. Boston was their first show ever and seeing Ryan Gosling in person was nicceee.

Working today, tonight Nicole and I are getting our party on and tomorrow will be a nice relaxing day...carving pumpkins with Matt and the boy, baking apple treats and watching movies under blankies. I'm so excited.

Friday, October 02, 2009

October, holy fucking christ. This year can slow down anytime. This is my favorite month and my favorite time of year though so I’m trying to enjoy every single minute of it.

Apply picking with the boys went remarkable well. Matt’s son is adorable and very much a three year old. He was very well behaved until it came to testing out Ikea couches and then he was all over the place. That’s to be expected though. Jumping on couches that do not belong to me is also really tempting.

I brought Matt out to meet John and Nicole this past week, I needed some more opinions besides heathers. It was a quick visit and I think it went well. I’ve never brought a guy out to meet my friends that they didn’t already know so I was a little nervous. We are not official yet, don’t know exactly when or really care when that will be but I’d say we are dating and having a snuggle partner in time for the winter is awesome.

Today is heathers birthday so debauchery I’m sure will be done. We are going to go ride bikes (of course) and bar hop, with a stop off at the other side cafĂ© to get some vegan chocolate cake. Dora and I are also making her vegan chocolate cupcakes, you can never have too much of that.

Weekend is busy, more apple picking, taking the little boy to his first movie ( cloudy with a chance of meatballs) hopefully that is succesfull, more movies with other friends and lots of homework. Joy.