Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My exciting life

My life is so boring right now, which I guess is a good thing.

I'm going to look for some job today, fun fun fun. I hate job hunting.

And that pretty much sums up what I've been doing.


Friday, November 25, 2005

Why I am not having kids

I've come down to Oregon now where I will attempt to find a job that doesn't require doing other peoples nappy laundry. The ride down here was of pure hell. A trip that would normally take 3 hours turned into a 6 hour journey. Being stuffed into the back of a two-door jeep thingy with two kids in two huge carseats is NOT fun.

Before we hit Portland both of the girls had shit their pants. I passed out from the fumes so I can't really recall what happened after that. All I remember is the driver did not stop before going into Portland and could not stop while in Portland so we had to drive all the way through Portland before changing shitty diapers. Brilliant. My sister and her husband are freakin brilliant.

On to Today...which was Thanskgiving. Last Thanksgiving I was on a plane from San Diego all day so my dinner consisted of pretzels. Today, I made up for last year. We only had like 10 people there so it was very quiet. My family gets a little crazy so having a nice relaxing time is unbelievable. My sister and her husband were not there...thats why.

Can I just say that I'm not used to these freezing temperatures yet. Going from 80 degrees to 30 degrees is quite a shock.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mall Rats

My sister and I ventured to the mall today because I seriously need to get. out. of. this. house.

We walked around staring at the people staring at us. I guess they stare because I'm so freakin hot. Anyways, were walking and I see this old guy ahead of us with a camera. He's standing in front of Victorias Secret taking pictures of the barely dressed mannequins but he's trying to be sneaky about it. Whenever someone walks past he puts his camera down and starts looking around. Uhh...dude...thats gross and wierd and wrong and I can totally see what you're doing.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


So my sister is a little excited about Christmas which caused her to put her tree up like a month ago.

I was bored last night and started playing around with my camera. Here's a shot I got of the lights. Pretty weird huh?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sisterly love

Staying with my sister has been an interesting experience. Her and I are opposite of each other...very opposite. I've been trying not to gouge my eyeballs out, but it has been tough.

We'll see what else happens while I'm here.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Teaching my nieces naughty words

I made it to Washington! Alive!

I'm staying with my sister for a week and visiting my nieces. I'm having a lot of fun. My nieces are great. Can't you tell?

No really, they are

Off to play!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Here birdy, birdy, birdy

I just flipped three people off while driving over the course of 15 minutes

I think I met my quota for the day

Stupid. California. Drivers.

I will be free tomorrow!

I'm exhausted. I didn't think trying to pack all my shit would be this tiring, but it is. I have 4 suitcases that each weigh over 40 pounds and I shipped two boxes home that weighed 20 pounds each. I have obviously collected a lot of crap while I've been down here.

I also made the mistake of watching Laguna Beach on Monday night. This was the episode where everyone was leaving for college and saying good-bye and crying, and oh my god, I was crying so hard. I'm such a loser.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Why now

My Mom informed me last night that she needs a heart transplant. She also said that if something happens to her I need to take care of my step-dad.

Shes 44....nothing better happen to her. I need my Mom.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's just emotions takin' me over

I am an emotional wreck. I just hear the word "leaving" and I start balling my eyes out.

Yesterday my friends and I went to San Fran. We took a little book I had of the "non-touristy" places and headed into the castro district. If you do not know what the castro district is, let me just say there is a lot of rainbow flags flying around. (Nothin' wrong with that)

We started looking around for some shops that were in the book, but we couldn't find any. No big deal. Then we started searching for the fantastic resteraunt we were going to eat dinner at. It's called the Zodiak Club and it was supposed to serve food according to your zodiak sign and the decor was supposed to be awesome! But we couldn't find it. We found where it was supposed to be, but it wasn't there anymore. Then I decided to check and see when the book was published. It was published in 2001! 4 forkin years ago. Hello...blonde moment. No wonder we couldn't find any of the stores. Jesus. But we did find one store.

I don't recall what the name of this store was, but we liked the slogan on the window. If you can't read it, it says "Tested on boyfriends, not animals". Heh.

So instead of going to our cool resteraunt, we went to The Cheesecake factory for dinner and dessert. The places was packed! We waited an hour and 45 minutes just to get a table. But the cheesecake was delicious, and our waiter was hot. While at dinner my friends gave me a scrapbook of pictures and notes of things we've done while I've been here. I coudln't read it at dinner because I knew I would start to cry, so I read it when I got home. The notes that they wrote me were so incredibley nice. I cried and cried and cried.

I have a feeling the next few days will be filled with this sort of emotion.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Death by cheesecake

Tomorrow is going to be my last trip to SF. but that is not the important thing. The important thing is that I will be going to The Cheesecake Factory for the first time.

I love cheesecake.

Cheesecake and I are lovers.

I just hope I can contain myself enough and not try every-single-piece of cheesecake they offer...because I totally might.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


11 months. That's how long I've been this familys bitch. But not anymore. I'm free-well almost.

I thought this experience would be so much more different than it has been. I had my expectations set a little bit to high.

Being a nanny is fucking hard. I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I took this job. Everybody says that being a Mom/Dad is the the toughest job in the world. I totally agree, but let's add nanny into that equation as well. At least with your own kids you can tell them to shut the hell up, but I can't do that with these kids. I have to respect the little demons, even though they could give two shits about me.

I also have to deal with the screwy parents. Ones that tell me they would like their daughter to read everyday after school for 20 minutes. But today, when the oh-so-wonderful-nanny, asks the little girl to read something snaps, and the girl turns into a raging hormonal bitch. She even goes as far as calling me a butthole. (ouch!) I call up her mother (thinking she would yell at girl and tell her to get her ass moving on the whole reading thing) but instead, Host mom decides that girl doesn't have to read. What-huh? The whole reading situation is what made girl grow devil horns and now she doesn't have to read? Lovely. Let me just drop this child off at your work and you can have the pleasure of dealing with her.

Anyways...oh yes, I'm supposed to be telling you about the great year I had in California. Hmmmmmm, well. I met some great people, smoked some fine green(just kidding Mom), and got wasted on more than one occasion. I think my 11 months have been a success!

I'm ready to leave though. I know I'm going to cry when I say goodbye and I'll tell them all that I'm going to miss them. And I will, for about 20 minutes. My flight next Thursday was the earliest flight I could get. That should tell them something, right? Something like-she must want to get the fuck outta here.

So Goodbye, for now.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My brain is mush from trying to get everything done before I leave in 9 days!

The thought of taking a bath skeeves me out. I just cannot get over the fact that you are sitting in your own dirty water.

Does this make me weird?

Sunday, November 06, 2005


After dropping out of high school my junior year and quickly moving to another city I lost touch with a lot of my good friends. One of my best friends was Brittney. Her and I were friends since 7th grade. She has this huge laugh that would get everybody else laughing as well.

When I got a job at a craft store I learned that Brittney worked there as well. Our boss lovingly nick-named us Frick and Frack. We were the youngest two working in this store and we had a blast. The store closed at 9 pm but then we had to stay until 10:30 to clean it up. Usually it was only one person but on occasion Frick and I would be together for closing. We never actually got a whole lot done in the closing time because we would be playing hide-and-go seek in the store. She used to scare the shit out of me sometimes by coming up behind me when I was putting away fabric.

After I quit the job at the fabric store I got some news about Brittney. Apparently there had been an undercover cop in our high school who was going to parties and eventually busted a whole bunch of kids for illegal activities. Brittney was the only girl to get arrested out of, I think, 16 people. I never spoke to her after this happened. Not because I didn't want to, but because I didn't know how to get a hold of her.

I still think about her, and her laugh. I have a lot of friends I've lost touch with and it kills me everyday.

Friday, November 04, 2005

My Doorbell

"I've been thinkin about my doorbell, when yah gonna ring it, when yah gonna ring it"

This song by the Whitestripes has become my new favorite song of the day.

Question though-Are Jack and Meg married?

***I'm off to see Jarhead tonight, hopefully its good.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dear Santa

All I want for Christmas is a fairly tall, dark haired male. He needs to have great eyes and the ability to make me laugh until it hurts (which doesn't take much).

Thats all I want, I'm tired of hanging around girls.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


People need to start learning to pick up their own shit.

Don't leave your nappy socks laying around, put them in the dirty clothes bin.

Pick up your own damn plate after eating a meal and put it in the sink.

When you decide to "clean out" your room, don't just throw everything at the bottom of the stairs and call it good.

After going through the mail don't just leave the junk mail scattered about all over the floor.

Sadly you have passed these horrible traits onto your children. BUT...I'm leaving in 16 days so I don't have to deal with it anymore.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'm sick from eating to much candy

I went to a Halloween party on Saturday night dressed up as a knight. The party was lame but I had a good time talking with my friends.

Yesterday the kids and I attempted to carve a pumpkin. What a sad pumpkin it was.

Both Boy and Girl went with friends so Host Mom and I stayed home to pass out candy. We only had a handful of trick-or-treaters which was sad. We could hear kids pass by the house but they didn't want to come to the door because it was to "spooky". It's Halloween kids, you're supposed to be scared. So they all went to the friendly old neighbors house. Oh well...more candy for me.