Friday, November 25, 2005

Why I am not having kids

I've come down to Oregon now where I will attempt to find a job that doesn't require doing other peoples nappy laundry. The ride down here was of pure hell. A trip that would normally take 3 hours turned into a 6 hour journey. Being stuffed into the back of a two-door jeep thingy with two kids in two huge carseats is NOT fun.

Before we hit Portland both of the girls had shit their pants. I passed out from the fumes so I can't really recall what happened after that. All I remember is the driver did not stop before going into Portland and could not stop while in Portland so we had to drive all the way through Portland before changing shitty diapers. Brilliant. My sister and her husband are freakin brilliant.

On to Today...which was Thanskgiving. Last Thanksgiving I was on a plane from San Diego all day so my dinner consisted of pretzels. Today, I made up for last year. We only had like 10 people there so it was very quiet. My family gets a little crazy so having a nice relaxing time is unbelievable. My sister and her husband were not there...thats why.

Can I just say that I'm not used to these freezing temperatures yet. Going from 80 degrees to 30 degrees is quite a shock.

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  1. They still make places that are in the 30s. I thought those places went out of style with Betamax.