Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mall Rats

My sister and I ventured to the mall today because I seriously need to get. out. of. this. house.

We walked around staring at the people staring at us. I guess they stare because I'm so freakin hot. Anyways, were walking and I see this old guy ahead of us with a camera. He's standing in front of Victorias Secret taking pictures of the barely dressed mannequins but he's trying to be sneaky about it. Whenever someone walks past he puts his camera down and starts looking around. Uhh...dude...thats gross and wierd and wrong and I can totally see what you're doing.


  1. Oh that's so creepy. All caught on mall cameras,maybe they can submit to funniest or weirdest videos lol

  2. I saw a guy doing a similar thing outside a local store in London the other day. I just assumed he was a fashion student or maybe a competitor out to rip off the designs but now I've read your post I'm starting to wonder...euwww.