Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In Lincoln, Nebraska my car decided it didn't want to go any further. Pretty sucky considering we still had half of the United States to go. $450 later...we got on our way. Ouch to my checking account. We stopped at the Mall of America and spent some more money. That mall is amazing. All of my favorite four stores wrapped up in one little place=heaven. We stopped in Chicago as well. This is the one picture I took of that city:

IT. WAS. SO. COLD. we couldn't walk around. Kinda sad really. We spent less than an hour eating lunch of got charged $12 for parking. Chicago parking sucks. I hope to go back when it's warmer and see a taping of the Jerry Springer Show.

As I mentioned before I didn't have 'real' license plates. On the day we passed through upstate New York all the cops were on the road. We even had one following us for awhile but never pulled us over. Weird. Now we are home safe, my car has real plates and I still don't have a job.
The job searching continues.

Monday, February 05, 2007

We made it back from the road trip one week ago! In one piece! The car didn't fair to well, but that's another story.

I've been super busy applying for jobs(don't have one yet), trying to get my car registered and inspected, paiting, blah blah blah. More to come when the brain starts functioning again.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

We just completed Day Three of our road trip!

Day one was Oregon to California. Going through the Redwood forest was awesome! We saw some pretty big trees but of course my camera battery was dead and the boys' camera needed batteries. We did get some pictures of the coast though.

The second day was California through Nevada.

Today we went through the rest of Nevada, Utah and are now stopped in Wyoming. We stopped in Salt Lake to see the Morman temple. We were sure out of place! Two freaks looking a church getting stared at by the missionaries.

Now we are just seeing how long it takes us to get pulled over because our temporary plates are homemade. I don't know if thats legal or not. We have all the documentation and stuff, but since we didn't buy the car from the dealer we didn't get those nice temporary plates.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I just sold my mp3 player on Ebay. What a chore that was. They make you choose a category to put it under and I guess I clicked the wrong one...even though that's the one they told me to pick. After 2 days of it being listed, they took it down. So I tried again! And this time it worked. I remember selling things on Ebay before and it wasn't this difficult. I always wonder what happens to those Ebay Typos. I'm sure you could find a damn good deal on something if the person who listed it misspelled the listing. Typos.cc let's you put in the item that you're looking for and it will come up will all the listings along with all the misspelled listings. Pretty neat if you ask me. When I have money and I'm actually able to afford something I'll be sure to use it.
I'm picking my boyfriend up from the airport tomorrow. I'm so excited! I haven't seen him for 2 weeks, and thats a long time. I hate talking on the phone so are phone conversations during this time have been pointless to say the least. I'm doing nothing so I tell him about my weird dreams, like white spiders attacking me from underneath a deck. I'm strange. Then on Friday morning we are starting our road trip! First stop...Eureka, California to see the Redwoods and one more sunset on the West Coast before we head back to our sunrises on the East Coast. I'm looking forward to going home though. PLUS...my roomates sister and my friend had a baby yesterday whom I'm dying to see. I saw one picture of Jackson already and he's beautiful! Usually newborns are not that attractive, but he's a looker!

Monday, January 15, 2007

I have super sensitive skin. I can't use very many facial cleansers because they actually burn my skin. Even 'sensitive' ones. Now that it's winter my face has become very dry. I've tried lotions, but nothing seems to be working. My mom gave me this really nice lotion to try. She used it but didn't like the smell. I would put it on my face and it would turn my face bright red and burn. It hurt so bad I had to scrub it off, but the next day my face felt great! Come to find out after I read the bottle she had given me hand soap, not face lotion. Ha.

Now that I'm headed back to New England in a couple of days I figured I'm going to have to try something new. Humidifiers actually help, so maybe I'll try one of those. They also help with dry throats and cracked lips, which I have also been blessed with the past few months. Thanks Winter! Here's a complete guide to buying a house humidifier. I'll be sure to shop around when I do buy one.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm in Oregon. Translation=theres nothing to do. Just sitting here. Doing nothing. Waiting for my road trip to start in one week!

Going to see my sister on Friday, let's see if I can survive the couple of days I'm there. It shall be interesting.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Before I said that my Vegas trip almost didn't happen. Three days before I was supposed to fly down there I got a text message from my friend saying that she had been kicked out of her house, and had nowhere for me to stay. She didn't know what to do and thought that I couldn't come.

I called her and got the story. Apparently she got a tv for a Christmas gift and didn't act thankful enough so her mom flipped out and told her she needed to leave. I told her not to worry about it and I'm sure her mom needed a day to cool down and then everything would be fine.

The next day she e-mailed me and told me that her mom was still flipping out and that I shouldn't come. I didn't know what to do. I had a plane ticket to Las Vegas, so I had to go. I called my boyfriend and he said that if things didn't work out than he would fly down and be with me. What a guy, eh? I cried. I was looking forward to see my friend. I hadn't seen her since high school, three years ago. I looked into hotels and hostels...I was going to Vegas. I had to.

About two hours after her e-mail she called me and told me nevermind. Her family is crazy and I can still come. I'm assuming her mom just wanted to scare her a little, but that wasn't cool. So I went and we had a blast. I thought that since we hadn't seen each other in three years things would be awkward, but they weren't.

And if you have the chance, go see this show. It was amazing!

My friend has this boy whom is an ass. They were dating for all of last year I think and then he decided to just be friends with her, friends with benefits though. I told her she needed to stop that. My momma always said why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. My friend called this boy on New Years Eve to tell him Happy New Years and he told her that he was making out with some other girl and hung up on her. In fact, he wasn't making out with anybody, he just thought that would be a funny joke. She cried the rest of the night and the next day she wasn't very happy. I'm now going to send her to an Online Dating service. I want her to shove it in this guys face that she can do way better. He's an ass and she deserves more, she just can't see that.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Las Vegas was awesome. I don't know what else to say. Just walking around the strip could keep me entertained for days. The first night I got there we went to the top of the Strastophere. The view up there was amazing but since I'm afraid of heights and rides I didn't have the balls to ride anything up there. The second day we tried to go to the Hoover dam but it was so crowded we turned around and went to the the m&m factory instead. We stayed home that night and rented movies, preparing ourselves for the crazy new years eve. On New Years Eve my friend had the hook-up and we got to stay in a free hotel suite and the SunCoast. The Suncoast isn't on the strip but it overlooks the strip was rocked. We bowled and drank margaritas and then close to midnight we went to the room, drank champagne and watched the fireworks. They also brought a cake for me since it was my birthday, 20 years old. eek. eek. eek. We didn't go to crazy though because right after midnight my friend has boy troubles which ruined her evening. Stupid boys. On New Years we walked around the strip and then went to the Cirque du Soleil show Love. The show was sooooo GOOD. I would go see it again and again and again. I didn't want it to end but it did and now I'm back in Mass...and I haven't eaten breakfast because I need to go buy food. HA. Being a grown up sucksss.