Sunday, January 21, 2007

We just completed Day Three of our road trip!

Day one was Oregon to California. Going through the Redwood forest was awesome! We saw some pretty big trees but of course my camera battery was dead and the boys' camera needed batteries. We did get some pictures of the coast though.

The second day was California through Nevada.

Today we went through the rest of Nevada, Utah and are now stopped in Wyoming. We stopped in Salt Lake to see the Morman temple. We were sure out of place! Two freaks looking a church getting stared at by the missionaries.

Now we are just seeing how long it takes us to get pulled over because our temporary plates are homemade. I don't know if thats legal or not. We have all the documentation and stuff, but since we didn't buy the car from the dealer we didn't get those nice temporary plates.


  1. Don't forget to call when you get to town! Looks like a fabulous trip so far.

  2. Um, are you SERIOUS? Denver?!!!!