Friday, January 05, 2007

Before I said that my Vegas trip almost didn't happen. Three days before I was supposed to fly down there I got a text message from my friend saying that she had been kicked out of her house, and had nowhere for me to stay. She didn't know what to do and thought that I couldn't come.

I called her and got the story. Apparently she got a tv for a Christmas gift and didn't act thankful enough so her mom flipped out and told her she needed to leave. I told her not to worry about it and I'm sure her mom needed a day to cool down and then everything would be fine.

The next day she e-mailed me and told me that her mom was still flipping out and that I shouldn't come. I didn't know what to do. I had a plane ticket to Las Vegas, so I had to go. I called my boyfriend and he said that if things didn't work out than he would fly down and be with me. What a guy, eh? I cried. I was looking forward to see my friend. I hadn't seen her since high school, three years ago. I looked into hotels and hostels...I was going to Vegas. I had to.

About two hours after her e-mail she called me and told me nevermind. Her family is crazy and I can still come. I'm assuming her mom just wanted to scare her a little, but that wasn't cool. So I went and we had a blast. I thought that since we hadn't seen each other in three years things would be awkward, but they weren't.

And if you have the chance, go see this show. It was amazing!

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