Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I just sold my mp3 player on Ebay. What a chore that was. They make you choose a category to put it under and I guess I clicked the wrong one...even though that's the one they told me to pick. After 2 days of it being listed, they took it down. So I tried again! And this time it worked. I remember selling things on Ebay before and it wasn't this difficult. I always wonder what happens to those Ebay Typos. I'm sure you could find a damn good deal on something if the person who listed it misspelled the listing. let's you put in the item that you're looking for and it will come up will all the listings along with all the misspelled listings. Pretty neat if you ask me. When I have money and I'm actually able to afford something I'll be sure to use it.

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