Monday, January 15, 2007

I have super sensitive skin. I can't use very many facial cleansers because they actually burn my skin. Even 'sensitive' ones. Now that it's winter my face has become very dry. I've tried lotions, but nothing seems to be working. My mom gave me this really nice lotion to try. She used it but didn't like the smell. I would put it on my face and it would turn my face bright red and burn. It hurt so bad I had to scrub it off, but the next day my face felt great! Come to find out after I read the bottle she had given me hand soap, not face lotion. Ha.

Now that I'm headed back to New England in a couple of days I figured I'm going to have to try something new. Humidifiers actually help, so maybe I'll try one of those. They also help with dry throats and cracked lips, which I have also been blessed with the past few months. Thanks Winter! Here's a complete guide to buying a house humidifier. I'll be sure to shop around when I do buy one.

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