Tuesday, January 27, 2009

That's it. This 5 pounds has got to come off. I've given myself a month, hopefully shorter (ha!) to do it. I'm starting tomorrow. Waking up at 4 am to take Heather to the airport and getting a coffee for myself is a great way to start. 130, here I come!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nicole posting a new blog made me think, I really need to do that more often. Even if my life is nothing but school and work, I really enjoy looking back and seeing what I've been doing. Heather isn't helping either because when I know she is going to be around I don't take my camera. I need to not let that stop me and just accept the fact that she blows me out of the water and I can still appreciate her pictures while posting my lame attempts here.

I'm starting this post at 10pm on a Sunday night which is insane because I need to be up very early. I have finally moved into Boston and am totally in love. Walking around the city this weekend made me realize that this is where I have needed to be. Living in the suburbs was rather hard for me because I didn't grow up there. I didn't no anybody or any cool spots to hang out. I couldn't go to the townie bar and see all my old classmates, it didn't work like that.

Friday night I went out with Heather and her friend who came into town from San Diego. His name was Andy and if she wasn't totally smitten by him, than I am. He was funny, charming, and a gentlemen. We started off getting pizza at Joseph's. We sat and talked and made weird pizza eating faces while the people waiting for the T outside watched. We hopped on the T and made our way into downtown where Heather realized she didn't bring her I.D. Off to the Hard Rock Cafe for drinks it was. We drank, I went to the bathroom and had a menu, glasses and straws miraculously jump in my purse and then we went to the North End.

We grabbed some cannolis, eclairs and cupcakes from some place that I can never remember the name too. After taking some romantic pictures, all for the sake of the shot, we sat and fed each other our treats. The whole night we had been trying to get Andy's friend to come join us so I could have someone to mack on but the boy chickened out so it was only us three. After realizing we were being ditched we headed to the karaoke bar where we finagled in without having to pay a cover, took a shot and listed to 'She's a Super Freak' by Andy. He was amazingly good. Andy then wanted to take naked pictures on the Charles River but after we all realized we were nowhere near drunk enough, he opted for clothed ones instead.

We walked through the common, over the bridges and the tree lit streets. It was incredibly romantic and I'm sure I ruined every shred of it for them. It's what I do best! We came upon this drunk guy who was walking into cars on Comm. Ave and decided we needed to stay with him until the police came to make sure he didn't get run over. We waited and waited, he fell in puddles and tried to walk away. Right before the cops showed up he got a burst of energy, hopped in a cab and remembered where he lived. We were talking to his wife on the phone and she didn't seem too thrilled with him. I wonder how that turned out.

We decided to catch a cab home at that point because my toes were frozen from chasing him around puddles. Once back to the apartment we all snuggled in bed and finished the chocolate cupcake. In the morning Andy made us amazing cupcakes and we said good-bye. I hope more weekends like this come my way.