Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I think Adrian enjoyed his party but my day was rough.  It didn't help that I was pmsing and wanting to rip everyone's heads off but his party was fun for him. He ate cake, spent time with family, got some cool presents, played outside and went bowling.

He's 5, he probably doesn't give a rats ass about decorations and themes and invites and blah.  Matt and I were not in the best of moods together and trying to put on a happy face was difficult, but I did it. Matt and I have been feeling disconnected lately, or at least I have. With our opposite schedules and commitments, it's so hard to get time together.  I got my feelings out, I have no issues there, and I think we both are on the same page again.  I'm needy, I admit it.

The weather this week in Boston is horrendous.  If I wanted to live in Seattle I would have moved to Seattle.  The dog's going crazy, I'm going crazy and I'm ready for some sun!  Countdown to vacation has begun though.

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