Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm feeling a little better. I've gotten a grasp on my schoolwork, finances seem to be more under control and all the little things I've had to do are starting to get tied up. Since moving here, I've just had a ton of things I needed to do. Nothing major but a few phone calls a week and I finally feel like those are over.

We just moved the table in and Matt's moving the rest of my stuff from the storage unit tomorrow. We are getting a new fridge delivered Monday and then really making this apartment ours begins. I want to start this weekend with Adrian. I feel like him and I have been on the outs lately and I think making some Halloween crafts together this weekend will be good for both of us.

I've never really blogged about our relationship because it's such an emotional subject. I'm not his Mom, I get that, obviously. But I am a Mom to him and learning to find that groove is an adjustment. He's also going through a fresh phase where it makes liking his adorable butt that much harder. Hopefully we will be coming out of that soon.

In other random news, when we first moved in the landlord said he wouldn't mind if we got a little dog. Now to convince him that this adorable thing is a "little" dog.

A mastiff. We want to get one from a rescue center, so now we move onto the landlord. There are no carpets in this apartment-it's all hardwood and tile so I really don't see why a dog would be bad. We also would rather not get a puppy because we both know we can't handle that right now. But I want a dog so bad and rescuing one would make it that much better.

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