Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Trust me..I am a blonde

And now...What $150 gets you at the hair salon:

TA DAAAA... I LOVE IT. When somebody sees me there reaction is "Holy Shit". HEHE....

I realize this photo is fuzzy but it's just showing how much of a true rockstar I am.


  1. No!!!!! All the girls on Laguna Beach have blonde hair, and everyone thinks they're cool... why wouldn't you want be blonde??????

  2. LOL, I also think you might look more like "Blondie" the rock star, if you had remained a blonde... ;)

    The new look is great and if you want to return to the "Blondie" look, you could always try suntanning...?! ;) (kidding)

  3. I think the new hair color looks great all blondes look similar atleast brunette's dont