Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pot smoking and Male Strippers

The Foozer tour is officially over. Oakland was the last stop for these two bands.

The show fucking rocked! This was by far the best concert I have ever been to.

We'll start with Weezer. These guys are hot. Nerdy Hot. Rivers, the lead singer, can't dance worth shit. It's funny to try and watch him though. He's hopping/jumping around stage. I laughed my ass off.

When they started singing their song "We are all on drugs" you should have seen the massive amount of lighters that went *poof* and then joints and bongs started making their way through the crowd. It was crazy.

The final song they sang was "Buddy Holly". Six males also joined them onstage. Halfway through these six males started stripping. AHHH..yeah! They stripped until they were only wear these little sock-thongs. Then they started shaking their asses. was funny.
We later found out the the Foo Fighters had hired these strippers for Weezer as a prank since this was the last show.


On to the Foo Fighters. Can I just say that Dave Grohl's hair is...well....awesome.

Foo Fighters rocked, seriously rocked. I was in awe pretty much the whole time.

Dave Grohl-if you want me to have your babies, I will...I promise.

Sadly not as much pot smoking during their performance but the drinking was rather abundant. We also didn't get to see any male strippers but we did get to hear Dave talk a lot. He likes to say Fuck. I officially love him.

Foo Fighters:


  1. Well thank God that we are not all on drugs!

    I don't need to smoke pot to get hot.

    Beware of drug junkies.

  2. I saw them when they played Philly on 10/13. The show was amazing. I really do believe that Dave Grohl, if not actually God, is pretty darn close.

  3. Now those are two shows I would LOVE to see. David Grohl tops my list of hot rockstars. Yep, I'd do whatever that guy wanted...