Thursday, October 13, 2005

You think you know, but you have NO idea

When I first got this job I had about two days with the nanny that was leaving. She showed me what to do and things around town. We went out to lunch and talked and she told me stories about the "real" family I would soon be working for.

Things are going to be diffrent this time. I got an e-mail from Host Mom yesterday asking if I would mind leaving the same day as the new nanny arrived. Her reasoning was that girl didn't like sharing her room last time with the old nanny because I had taken old nanny's bedroom. I guess me sleeping on girl's floor would cause maybe household drama, therefore I should leave.

I'm fine with leaving the same day, but I'm scared of what the new nanny is going to be going through. Host Dad is going to be showing her how to do the job, showing her around town, eating lunch..yada yada yada. If a whole week with him doesn't make her want to leave then she's one tough chick.

But now I'm curious. Why don't they want me showing her the job and all the other stuff. If it's only because girl doesn't want me sleeping in her bedroom then theres other places to sleep in the house.

Maybe it's because I would tell the new nanny to just go back home....everything is not as it seems.

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