Friday, October 07, 2005

Over the river and through the woods to psycho Grandmas house we go

Why does my family have to be so weird. Its not my immediate family, thank god, but more like my *Grandmas by marriage* that are just plain out of touch.

Today I got a letter in the mail from my step-dads mom whom I've met once and have really never talked to, but she sent me a letter. A full two page letter. After reading it I wanted to gouge my eyeballs out but I couldn't because I was laughing so hard as to why she wrote me.

Get this....She wrote me about cleaning out her freezer room. TWO PAGES. I'm stunned. Purely stunned. I called my step-dad and told him about his mom and he said...yeah, I got one of those letter too. Even more unbelievable. Who else did she send this letter to.

On to my other Grandmother. She sends me letters all the time as well, but in poem form. The last poem I got was about celebrities naming their children weird names. Who the hell would write a poem about this stuff? My Grandma. AND...she wears hoochie clothes. I won't be seen with her because she is usually exposing her ass and her wrinkly breasts. Gag.

In comparison to my family I think I've turned out alright considering what I'm up against.

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  1. your grandmas are so funny! i wish my grandmas would send me letters too...!