Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hopefully darker hair will make me look less pale

Blonde. That's what I've been for all of my life (except that time my sister and I tried to dye my hair auburn but it turned orange). I'm getting tired of the blonde though. I planned to dye my hair darker like 9 months ago but as soon as I moved to California that idea went down the poop shoot. I think it's actually illegally to be brunette in California. But's time. Next Tuesday I will officially become a brunette. *GASP*

I'm scared though. I've had a few bad haircuts and I never want to go back to looking like I had a mullet. But I'm trusting in these people. I'm also going to be paying them over $150 so it better make me look DAMN GOOD. The last haircut and highlights I got cost me $110 and I was not happy so I hope paying $50 more will work.

Now I need to go spend the last few days with my highlighted blonde hair and dirty blonde roots...excuse me.

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