Monday, September 05, 2005

Ahh, School is starting

Host Mom, Host Dad and I sat down and talked last night. It's so hard talking to people that are so cold and intimidating but I did it. I didn't get to express all my frusturations because I'm sure they would've fired me but I did get a lot out. I told them that I'm tired of cleaning up all their shit. I'm not the damn maid. They said that after being home with the kids for a whole week without a nanny they saw what really goes on. Quite sad that they're just realizing it now.

It also feels good that I told them I'm leaving in six months. I really want to go to college and with this job I'd only be able to take one class a semester. I'd be in college for like 10 damn years...not happening.

So now back into the repetition of everyday life. The kids start school this week, THANK GOD!

The trip up to see my Mom went well. She was a little overwhelmed by all the people which made her a bit crabby. I vowed to send some happy pills for Christmas.

Caroline came up with me to Oregon so we got to go the coast which was really cold but beautiful.

I also got to see my nieces and my older niece and I went shopping together for the day. She's getting to be such a little girl it's crazy. It was sad saying good-bye.


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  2. Glad to hear you got to express yourself, but I sure hope the hired the housekeeper AND gave you a raise! I don't think nannies are usually expected to do nearly as much as you, even watching the kids on weekends. Your family has a pretty good deal, and they should appreciate it!