Friday, March 30, 2012

Anybody else pick up some tickets (or 5, like myself)? I've never played before but I thought why the hell not.  It's a buck (or 5) and it's kind of fun. I know the chances of me winning are like, one in 30 billion but somebody eventually has to win so I may as well take that chance.

If I win, none of y'all will know because I would keep my identity a secret.  I can't imagine the crazies that would come out of the wood work for some of that. I would also talk to attorneys and financial people to see what the best way to go about investing or what not. I hear it's best to not spend any of the principal and just live off the interest but I'd want to help some people out first.  Enough of that boring stuff, now the fun stuff.

-Pay off my Mom's house and debts, buy her or build her a house anywhere she wanted.  This goes for my siblings and friends. I would probably give them a hefty chunk, like 10 million each, to be comfortable. I'd set up college funds for my nieces and nephew, although with that kind of money, would you go to college?

-I'd buy myself a few properties around the world. Nothing crazy like a palace, but modest, like a charming cottage in Ireland (with lots of sheep).

-Finish school?  Man, I don't know.  With that kind of money, I think I'd be all set.

-Quit my job.  Yep, sorry job!

-Travel.  I'd probably take a year or two and travel the globe.  ALL of it. I want to see everything.

-Since I would no longer be working, I'd start doing something that I'm passionate about, such as helping animals.  I think I would set up animal sanctuary around the US, or animal rescues.  Maybe have a huge piece of land with just a ton of dogs running around who were discarded.  Definitely something to help my furry friends.

-Donate, donate, donate.  Or else anonymously help families or people in need.  I always thought it would be so cool to leave a $1,000 tip for a waitress just because. I obviously can't do that at this point, but we're dreaming.

Now, on to Matt's dreams.  I asked him last night what he would do.  He said:

-Buy the Red Sox

-Be single.  NOTED. ;)


  1. Planning what to do with lottery winnings is way too much fun...

    1. It is, now if only we could win :)