Wednesday, March 14, 2012

As I was watching the news last night, they shared a story about a fire in Boston's Back Bay area of the city.   I didn't think much of it but when I woke up this morning they were still talking about it.  Apparently it caused a transformer to blow and that section of the city was without power.  I work in that section of the city so I was fluttering around all morning hoping I would get into work, the lights would be off, and I would return soon after to my couch. 

That didn't happen.  

I got off the train and started walking.  Cops were everywhere direction traffic, news crews were set up and as I walked, nothing was open.  I turned the corner, still dark.  As soon as I got to my building, the lights were on.  Fuck.

The days gone downhill since then.  I have a midterm tonight and I'm trying to study between writing up 146 different versions of a stupid memorandum and every time I switch to my algebra, I don't remember any of it.  It's all escaped me. My face is breaking out, I can't stop twitching or bouncing my foot, tears have been flowing while trying to type. This day needs to end.

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