Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall is definitely here as was evident this weekend. Temps did a nosedive and the heater kicked on.  We celebrated Matt's nieces 4th birthday and because having eight  3-6 year olds wasn't enough, we decided to bring Emma. It was her first long-ish car ride and she did alright.  There was a shit-ton of traffic where she got a little fidgety but we made it to Meme's house without her shitting all over the backseat, and to me, that's a WIN.

Emma behaved okay at the birthday party.  She really just wanted to run and play but in the interest of keeping peace with the children, we had her on a line with her leash attached.  Every so often we let her off and when everyone went inside for cake, we played fetch. (Emma doesn't understand the fetch concept so it's more like throw the ball and see if she comes back).  When we got back into the car to come home she promptly fell asleep and stayed the way for the rest of the night.  Few things are cuter than a dog all snuggled up in the backseat snoring.

Sunday, we lounged around in the morning.  I worked on homework, which is my life now and will continue to be for the next 13 weeks. 

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