Monday, September 26, 2011

I wasn't as bummed out about today being Monday as I usually am.  Yesterday was awful, so I'm liking the fresh start to this week. 

Saturday started off well.  I took Emma to daycare and to say she was STOKED would be an understatement. Apparently we are just not as fun as running around with 30 other dogs.   After dropping her off I headed out to the 'burbs to get my hair did.  I promptly arrived 45 MINUTES early and sat in my car.  I'm so annoyed with how early I need to be to things. 

My hair looks fabulous!  That is why I drive the hour outside of the city to get it done because I love love love my hair stylist.  I would have taken a picture of it this morning but as soon as I walked outside it looked like I had just ran a 10 mile race.  I think I curse humidity more than I curse anything else.  Maybe I'll be able to take a picture come November, or December.

After my hair appointment, my friend Nicole and I stopped at a thrift store.  I grabbed 2 cute dresses, a skirt, a shirt and a Mary & Jesus plaque.  I don't care if I never wear these clothes, they were like 50 cents each.  Can't beat that! 

After coming back home I started to tackle my homework.  Most of my management class is busywork which is so mind-numbing it's painful .  Accounting on the other hand, I feel like a broken record.  It ruined my Sunday.  It ruins EVERYDAY.  It's a good thing Matt was at work because I wouldn't have been surprised if he just packed his shit up and left.  I was a mess.  A mess.

13/12 more weeks.  I hope I can hold on without needed to check myself into the looney bin.

I was able to relax last night though and watch some tv, Amazing Race and Sister Wives!  My friend and I are going to submit an application to be on the next Amazing Race (I'm serious Nicole).  And the more I watch Sister Wives, the more I think these women are absolute geniuses! Free babysitting and you only have to deal with your husband every 4 days or so!  Sounds like the perfect life to me.  Of course I have a tendency to get a bit jealous so I'd probably claw some bitches eyeballs out but, whatever.

Here's to a non-shitty Monday!  (crossing my fingers)


  1. I'm down to make an app video... i've NEVER watched the show, but that could make it more interesting, right?

  2. Duh, that would make us the BEST CANDIDATES EVER!

  3. Accounting ruins everyday was my favorite part of this post... ain't that the truth!