Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm feeling pretty good today.  I have a little pep in my step.  I threw on a cute dress, cardigan, cute shoes and was out the door. Decided to head to Starbucks instead of my usual Dunkin Donuts. (Change is good I tell myself)

Ordering at Starbucks is always a chore because they usually look at me like I'm friggin crazy. I order a Grande (bleh) Lite Ice Peppermint Soy Chai.  I can't partake in Pumpkin Spice Lattes because I believe the syrup has dairy in it.  Tear.  Anyways, my order must be uber complicated because I had to explain to the nice lady ringing be up when I ordered about 7 times.  The line was extremely long, I was getting embarrassed, I shouldn't have to endure this torture for a $5 drink.  Hence why I will probably go back to my trusty ol' ice coffee tomorrow.

That picture up there looked a lot better on my little phone display, ha

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