Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I think I have figured out my annoyance with my life. 

My job.


I realized when I started my schooling to become a paralegal and eventually landing a job that I would probably be helping the attorneys a lot.  What I didn't realize would be the fact that once you get the title of attorney, you suddenly lose all ability to do anything for yourself.  It's maddening, really.  They would rather spend 3 hours handwriting 27 pages of a complaint with scribbles and non-sense and hand it to me to type instead of typing it themselves.  Does that seem ass backwards to anybody else?  Wouldn't typing it to begin with be so much easier and faster?.  It takes me 5 hours to decipher the damn thing while typing it, only to give it back to them, after which it bounces back and forth. It seems like such a waste of time.  And then they get huffy when I don't have it done right away.  Don't get huffy with me asshole, I'll move your shit to the bottom of my to-do pile.

This job does have its perks, but when its bad, I want to bash my head into the desk. I hate being talked down to, like I'm a peon because I didn't attend law school.  I'm not dumb, I'm actually quite smart, hence why I didn't attend law school.

I think I'm going to start sneaking wine in my water bottle in the morning to get me through the day. Why wasn't I born a trust fund baby.  :(


  1. People can be jerks.
    Hold your head up dear (:

  2. Don't let the bastards grind you ;)

    Kris is less than ten credits away from a degree, and actually would have a degree because of all the college credits the Navy will apply from the two years he's been in school now... but he decided to join as an enlisted sailor vs. an officer because he wanted to get his hands dirty instead of just file paperwork.

    Because of those small little choices, he now gets talked down to on a daily basis, and is treated like a second-class citizen in comparison to the shining beacons of hope for the United States Navy...

    It's even worse with the wives... some wives find out Kris is enlisted and will just stop talking to me, or talk down to me as well.. like I'm not at their level because of my husband's job... it's sad. And stupid. But it's life :/

    Just take your time typing away and sneak in some Facebook here and there... payback is fun when it's sneaky :P

    P.S. I acknowledge I'm like the worst influence... take my advice with a grain of salt ;)

  3. Ashley, I would be in deep shit if they ever went through my computer archives :P Pinterest, blogs and facebook keep me entertained.

    That Navy stuff doesn't sound fun. I commend you. My sister was an Army wife and I remember feeling SO out of place when I would go and visit. It's like a whole different world and some people never leave the cliques behind.