Monday, September 05, 2011

I'm sad the long weekend is already over and it is the unofficial start to the downward spiral towards winter hell.

I love fall.  Like really love it, but I hate winter.  I wish I could live in a climate that was spring, summer, fall on repeat. 

Our weekend was pretty tame.  We hung out, made good food, watched Breaking Bad and Mad Men, fell asleep way too early on the couch, took Emma to the park and made her run around trying to get the frisbee and she had her first trip to doggy daycare!  She had her interview today and passed!  I was nervous.  I feel like people judge us all the time anyways because a pitbull.  She's such a happy little girl though, I knew she would pass.  She loves other dogs and loves playing.  I guess she met another pitbull friend and they played in the pool and chased water out of the hose.  That's my girl :)  She could barely keep her eyes open walking to the car and she was only there 3 hours.  We will definitely be taking her back, she needs a good outlet.

While Emma was in daycare, Matt and I went and celebrated his new job.  We went to a funky little cafe in the city and had some delicious vegan BLTs.  He went and bought some vinyl and then we came home and relaxed sans dog.  It was weird not having her here. 

Matt took off to Newport, RI to get tattooed tonight and I stayed behind.  I attempted to take out the trash and ate shit so hard.  Doing household chores is obviously bad for my health.  I have three gouges in my knee from some crazy sharp rocks.  It was pretty embarrassing and my leg is throbbing.  We shall see what it looks like tomorrow :/

I start school tomorrow.  I am so not ready for it.  I loved summer and not having to worry about accounting, debits, credits, blah blah blah. 

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