Friday, September 23, 2011

A day in my wicked awesome life.I thought it would be fun to look back in a few years and see if anything changes. For my sake, I hope they do.

My morning starts out at 6:30 am so that I can take the dog out.  In case you haven't noticed, my life revolves around this dog. I walk her around the block and let her sniff to her hearts content.  I'm usually walking in a haze behind her looking like a disheveled mess.

I start getting ready for work when I come back inside.  The humidity yesterday and today has been off the charts, leaving me in the bathroom about ready to take Matt's buzzers to my head Britney Spears style.

I walk to the train and take the subway into downtown which takes about 8 minutes. I grab a coffee because there is a dunkin donuts smack in the middle of the station, I can't resist.  After switching trains, which by the way are extremely crowded now that college kids have moved back into the city, I walk the three minutes to work, right across the street from this lovely view.

Then I'm at work from 9-5 as a paralegal.  But I'm also considered an IT person as evidenced this morning when my boss couldn't figure out how to log-in to Rhapsody.  This week has been so incredible busy.  I think I need to work 4 days a week.  By Friday by patience is worn so thin, it's a wonder how I make it through the day.

After work, I hop back on the train and join the rat race home.

Only to be greeted by this smushy face!  As much as she drives me crazy with her not-listening-to-her-mother-skills, I love her. I try and take her to the dog park providing their isn't a fat lazy pug just chillin' there.  We play fetch and she gets tired after 5 minutes.  I drag her home, only to have her get a second and third and fourth burst of energy resulting in her not actually laying down until 11pm.

Since Matt wasn't home last night, I had to cook dinner myself.  He's the chef.  I am not.  I cook my favorite meal of vegan mac n' cheese.  This stuff is to die for.  He actually bought me a case of it because I eat it so much.  I probably shouldn't be telling people that.

And then my night involves homework but I usually get sidetracked by tv, such as last night's X-factor.  If Matt's home, he usually plays guitar while I sit there crying over my accounting homework. 

So, that's it!  Nothing too earth shattering.  If we have A, our schedule shifts but not by much.  We usually try and do fun things on the weekends to break up the monotony.

By the way, I succumbed to the pressure of Twitter yesterday.  You can add me if you want!  My name thingy is @whatheathersaid. 

Back to work.  I have title orders coming out of my ass.


  1. Duuuuuude, I've been trying to find a good vegan mac n' cheese. I'll have to try the one you use. Thanks!

  2. I hope you love it as much as I do!

    Here's a tip though, you don't make it like normal mac n' cheese. Once you drain the pasta, add your milk, butter and cheese packet in the sauce pan and mix them all together, THEN add the pasta back in.

    If you try to mix all the things together with the pasta, it's not so good.

    Let me know if you like it! :) We get it at Whole Foods.