Friday, September 16, 2011

5 more hours until the weekend.  Can you feel my excitement?!?

We have Matt's neices birthday party to attend tomorrow.  I haven't even bought her a gift yet.  I really am the worst Aunt.  If birthdays didn't slap me across the face, I probably wouldn't remember them.  The only way I remember mine is because it's the first day of the year.

It's also Emma's birthday tomorrow, she will be 1 year old!  We actually don't know the exact date she was birthed but the vet picked this day so we went with it.  That's how Matt and I do a lot of things, we just pick days.  We didn't know when our anniversary was (it's complicated) so we just picked one.

In honor of puppies, here are some pics I've found via Pinterest.  I would re-pin them all but I will come off as looking like a crazy dog lady, which I am.

And a picture of Ryan Gosling with his dog to get this weekend started out right:


  1. That Boxer looks just like my hellion... I mean angel... did as a puppy ;)

  2. Love all the puppy pictures. Especially love the Ryan Gosling one. He's dog seems so bad ass.
    Also, my boyfriend and I couldn't figure out our anniversary either so we just picked one too (it's Hurricane Katrina's Anniversary).