Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm still here!  Things got a little dicey yesterday but we made it through ;) 

Living in Boston, we are just not used to having earthquakes, nor is our infrastructure.  I was sitting at my desk, up on the fifth floor, and my chair just started swaying.  Very lightly but noticeable.  I looked over at a mirror we have hanging on the wall and it was bumping around.  I asked one of the attorneys if they were feeling the building move and he looked at me like I had 15 heads, but then he felt it.

It lasted about 30 seconds.  No real hard shaking, just some swaying, almost like you are on a boat in waves.  I was hoping they would let us go home early just in the case the building was going to crumble but no such luck.

People from other states (cough, California, cough) have been making fun of us.  I do agree that we went a little overboard but considering the events that have taken place in D.C and NYC, most people don't automatically think earthquake when stuff starts to shake. 

So, to counteract that fact, I challenge California to get 44 inches of snow in a month and then come talk to me ;)

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