Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday. I made it.  For some reason this has been the longest. week. ever.  I think it has to do with the fact that my boss was on vacation last week so we are trying to get caught up on everything this week. We've already had to threaten to call the cops on some guy this morning because he was being a douchenozzle on the phone with me.

Yesterday had a moment of happiness when my boss handed me a check to pay off a parking ticket.  It was so nice.  Maybe I should bring my parking tickets in more often ;).

Moving on to the topic of weddings, they have been on my mind lately.  At least one of my friends is getting married in the next year and I think another one is getting close.  Wedding are everywhere!  I have no idea when I'll be getting married but I was hoping for around 2013, I'll be 26.  OMG.

I was never that little girl who dreamed of getting married with some fancy wedding and perfect guy.  I've always been pretty independent and along the mind-set of if it happens, it happens.  Even after meeting Matt, I was still wishy-washy about the whole idea.  I don't need a piece of paper to tell me I'm committed.  But then my brother and sister both got married and neither one had a big production.  My mom didn't attend either and suddenly, I'm the only one left.

It might be a silly reason to have a wedding but I want my mom to see one of her children get married.  We almost lost her a few years ago and I think it would be something special for her.  I'm not against the idea of marriage and now that I've come to terms with the fact that I will have a wedding, someday, I'm getting more into it. Pinterest also hasn't helped this newfound idea.  I've found so many ideas I love and think I have a pretty good grasp on what I want my wedding to look like.  I've shared some of this Matt and he seems to be somewhat on board so I'm not officially crazy, yet.

I want to do a simple backyard wedding with hanging lights, friends, good food and some dancing.  I hope something like this can keep the costs down and still be a memorable event. Now I'm getting excited and my ring finger is itchin', and we also need to find a backyard.

We are having some friends over for dinner tonight, will be seeing some "cliff" diving off of the ICA tomorrow, pedicures and going to see The Help for me and hopefully some snoozing on Sunday.  6 more hours of work to go, I can do it.


  1. I wish I had Pinterest last year when I was planning my wedding! So many fantastic ideas. I have been looking for my sister, now too. And planning our "vow renewal" at like year 10 or 50 lol.

  2. I've been trying to "plan" my wedding as well! The inspiration photo you have here is beautiful.. go for it (: