Friday, August 12, 2011

Feeling pretty good today.  Have my coffee in hand, listening to Bon Iver on Pandora, the weather is gorgeous outside and it's Friday!  Hopefully my bosses keep with the them of letting us out early. 

I recently finished reading The Help and can't wait to go see the movie but now I needed another book to start.  My co-worker passed these on to me and I've just started the first one but I'm already seeing that it's going to be good.

I'm going out with an old-coworker tonight for some drinks and football (ha).  She is moving back to Maryland in a few weeks so we need to get our hang-outs and gossip in before she leaves :(. 

The rest of the weekend is up in the air.  I would tell you what I would like to do but it always changes.  I wanted to go to the fair but the boys had other plans.  A may be hanging out with Meme, Matt's mom, so Matt and I might hit the movies.  It's going to be good though, I know that!


  1. yeah, hope you have fun!

  2. Hey thanks for your comment on my site! I saw the trailer for The Help and it looks incredibly heartwarming and I'm excited to see it! Also, I've heard that The Hunger Games is a super good book :) I have a few good books lined up and that's one of them. At the moment I'm reading One Day. Hope your weekend was good!