Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Use a few more brain cells please

It's 90 degrees in California. We open the windows at night and close them in the morning to keep the house cold. It works.

We have two guys working on re-doing the bathrooms. They come in and leave the front door. wide. open. all. day. long.

I've asked them nicely to please close the door since we're trying to keep the house cold, but they don't listen.

How are we supposed to keep the house from feeling like a sauna when you have the FRONT DOOR WIDE OPEN!! Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

Why do I feel like I'm babysitting everybody around here. GRRrrrrr.


  1. Err... Get aircon installed???

  2. Because you're nanny?

    Nice blog. i'll be back to peruse the other posts.