Saturday, June 25, 2005

I'm sunburned

I survived my first week of summer vacation without handcuffing the kids to the trees in the back. They are truly blessed.

I was kind of dreading summer. No more laying around all day(hah!). I now have the kids ALL. DAY. LONG.'s nice. I don't have to worry about rushing around in the morning wondering where girls' shoes are. I don't have to worry about homework and if there test scores are going to be good enough. We can just sit around the house and do nothing together.

We played in the pool today, made soap(50 bars to be exact..what the hell are we going to do with 50 bars of soap?)....and watched movies.

Boy had soccer practice so girl and I stayed home and ate cookies and drank sprite for dinner. I like to teach them healthy eating habits early.

Yes, I know the pool is kind of green...but you don't expect me to actually clean you?


  1. Hahaha!!!!! We only had our 3 year old son last night, and he had popcorn and a capri sun for dinner!!!! Too funny!!!! Very pretty pool :-)