Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sunglasses and Summer

I moved down to California in January during which time I came to realize why people use the term "sunny California." At this point I thought about buying a pair of sunglasses, which I was rarely in need of in Montana. One Sunday my friend asked if I would like to go with her to a flea market a couple of towns away. I agreed and was quite surprised by what I saw. As I was browsing through the rows I noticed a vendor with sunglasses on his table. I tried a few pairs on, but soon came upon the perfect ones. I loved them! I asked him how much they were and he replied $5. 5 dollars!!! I was shocked andI bought them of course. My new glasses and I had a loving relationship for about two months....and then it happened.

I walked past the living room one day and noticed girl sitting on the couch playing with them. I wasn't to suprised as this was something she would normally do. I went upstairs a few hours later to go to bed and I saw them neatly placed on my dresser. But wait! Was one of the legs not attached anymore, no...it couldn't be. I went over to inspect a little more and found out that my precious cheap sunglasses were now broken. It's little leg just ripped off. Nobody bothered to tell me either, I guess she figured I wouldn't notice. She also tried to tape up the glasses but theres no way I'm walking out the house with taped-up glasses on my face. No way!

It's been about 2 months since my glasses broke and I havn't found ones that I really like since then. I eyes have been hurting and praying I will find them some new ones. Today I ventured into Target...and to my surprise, I found some new sunglasses! I like these ones a lot too, but the cost $17.99, a little more expensive than my $5 bargain. Girl and Boy will also be staying away from these.

The kids are out of school next week and I honestly don't know what I'm going to do when they are home all day. Since I came in January, they were in school, and this will be the first time they are home. Maybe we will just sit by the pool all day and work on our tans. Yeah...right

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