Monday, June 13, 2005

Get your own milk!

Last night my host family was watching a movie. I walk into the family room/kitchen area to grab a glass of water. While in there I witness this conversation:

Boy: "I'm thirsty."

Boy: "I'm thirsty."

Boy: "Mom, I"m thirsty, can you get me a glass of milk?"

Boy: "Mom, I'm thirsty, can you get me a glass of milk?"

HostMom: "Sure, you can you wait a minute?"

Boy: "No Mom, can you get me some organic milk now."

HostMom: "Yeesssss..."

What? Excuse me? He is 7 years old I think he can handle getting a glass of milk by himself. Would he ever say this to me.....NO! When I'm around he gets himself milk, but on occasion, I will get it for him if he says please. Did he even say please to her? NO! These kids have no manners with their parents. It's amazing how much diffrent they act with them. It drives me insane.


  1. I can understand your pain. Thats why I never had kids, and hate kids! You are really cute. You could be my nanny if you wanted to. How much are they paying you now? Of course you would have to do alot more...

    Ask Morris

  2. Better you than me. Good luck to you with it all.

  3. Morris:They are paying me $170 a week, but I don't have to pay for anything such as gas, or food.

    and thanks Alice!