Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm a blood giver

I just got back from donating blood for the first time.

It's so easy and I encourage you all to go give. First you do registration, and they ask you questions. Then you actually donate, which took me 15 minutes but I takes some people 5 minutes. After you donate you get free juice and cookies. Woohoo!

When they put the needle into my arm, I had to look away. It didn't hurt, but I'd rather not watch. I'm sure I'll have a nice bruise, but at least I'm saving lives. I can live with a bruise.

60% of people in California are eligible to donate blood but only 3% actually donate. I encourage you all to call your local Red Cross and set up an appt. During summer the need for blood increases a lot, but the number of people donating decreases. You can save up to three peoples lives by just donating a pint, so please give blood.

On to the kids. They had a swim meet last night. They both won their three events. I'm expecting to see them in the olympics. That is all.


  1. hi-just found your site! interesting 2 read though the kids sound bratty! xok8

  2. Thanks for spreading the word about blood donation! Check out these other ways to donate life.

  3. So I've read through most of your blog, and I'm really curious about you now. I get that you're a nanny, but tell me more!!!!

  4. I've tried numerous times to give blood, but the funny thing is they can never find a vein on me. I've poked and prodded so many times, until finally one of the blood drive people told me not to come back. Hey, the least you can give me is that I tried. It is important though, wish I could, but my veins are still small, which I found out when I had my first child 4 months ago, and 3 nurses attempted to find a vein for the IV. :)