Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Buck Fifty?

As I was washing dishes tonight girl and I had a conversation:

Girl: Two kids in my class today said they had a buck fifty. Do you know what a buck fifty is?

Me: Yeah, it's another way of saying that you have a dollar and fifty cents.

Girl: -Laughing- Not uh. It's a boys you know what.

Me: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm lagging in the 4th grade slang department.

Whoever is making up these slang words in the 4th grade needs some help. Before we know it bread...flags...tires...are all going to be used as slang for a boys you know what.

Or maybe this is normal and I need to start watching Oprah more often. I'm sure she's discussed this topic in depth. Buck Fifty....phhh


  1. Kids like to think that they know more than grown ups. Trouble is they often do.

  2. Ha! A buck fifty. That means I have at least $2.75! Actually, that's a pretty lame joke. Sorry.