Thursday, June 09, 2005

I forgot

This past weekend I went with my host family on a church retreat to the Bishops Ranch which is in Healdsburg, California. We left on Friday night at around 8 and didn't arrive at the ranch until 10. Earlier that day I was running around trying to finish up the laundry, dishes, vaccuming, and still pack for the kids. Yes...pack FOR the kids. You would think they would help me pack their clothes, but no.

Boy still wears pull-ups to bed because he has accidents during the night. While I was packing his clothes, I forgot to pack them. Oops. He comes into the room that girl and I were sharing at the ranch and asks for his pajamas. I hand him his clothes and then he asks for his underwear. I explain to him that he already has clean underwear on. " other underwear." I get this "Oh shit" look on my face and proceed to tell him that I forgot to pack them. Host mom is standing in the doorway and at that moments she asks me "How is that possible?" I didn't answer, mainly for the fact because I was tired, and I'm sure a lot of cuss words would've been coming out of my mouth complaining that I am packing for her children, and they won't even help me. He then calls me and idiot, starts crying, and host mom and boy leave the room while she embraces him. I'm sorry, but if my child ever called ANYBODY an idiot, shit would hit the fan. Yes, you are right, I forgot the pull-ups. I'm only human, I do make mistakes, that in no way implies that I'm an idiot.

Although I did forget allergy medicine for myself. I couldn't sleep the first night at all and was pretty miserable the rest of the trip. I also forgot to bring hiking shoes for all the hiking we were going to be doing. Let me tell yah, hiking in flip-flops is not my idea of fun.


  1. UNbelievable! Are these people always so disprespectful toward you? They both need to go to the naughty corner, and then apologize to you. Ick. Just think of the adult that kid is going to become :-(

  2. My children better never talk to anyone like that while I'm around! How very sad that she is raising her son to treat people that way.

    The picture is beautiful!!

  3. Suzi, the kids are pretty good with me but their attitudes change when mommy or daddy come around. They know they can get away with saying these kinds of things and nothing will happen to them.

  4. These parents are assholes and if they don't watch it, their children will grow up to be monsters. I have two boys (9 & 6) and if I EVER caught them calling an adult an "idiot", they would not leave their room for a week!