Friday, June 17, 2005

Are you Russian?

Today Hostdad, boy and I traveled in to San Francisco.

First stop was Levis' plaza. They have this water fountain in the middle with little stepping stones so boy and I ventured in. While walking on the stepping stones I felt something hit my head. I just kept walking, having no idea what it was. I go two steps farther and I realize a bird is attacking me. Boy also got attacked. I guess we missed the sign where it said "aggressive birds"

Next we went to the Bay. We walked around and went to the Maritime museum. Boy almost got washed away by the waves, no big deal.

Ghirardelli Square is right near there so of course we had to go have some mint chocolate chip milkshakes. MMmmmm.

Then on to the Metreon. Boy and I went inside to play on the playstations. I was standing there watching him when a security guard asked me if I surfed. I assumed he asked me this because I was wearing a Billabong sweatshirt? I told him no. Then he asked me if I skate. No again. Then I just told him I snowboard, that shut him up. 5 minutes later he comes over to me again and asks me if I'm Russian. What? No...I'm American. Boy and I left after that question. No more crazy questions from the security people. This is the waterfall behind the Metreon.

We ate dinner and then walked over to the Marriot hotel. We rode the elevator up 39 floors and this was the view. This is the sunset, you can kind of see the Golden Gate in the background.


  1. That's so pretty! We live about 45 min from San Fran and I love it there. I don't get there nearly as often as I'd like!!

  2. Hope you faired well through the aggressive birds!

  3. Hahah - are you Russian.

    You'd think a security guard who sits around thinking all day could come up with a better pick-up line than that ;)

    Cool blog. Glad to hear you're learning all sorts of ways how to NOT raise your own kids some day.