Monday, October 24, 2011

We need three day weekends.  I don't understand how this hasn't become a law yet, what the crap.

Saturday I was having my first "I-drank-the-kool-aid" party which meant I actually had to clean my apartment since I had guests coming over.  Matt conveniently scheduled himself to work that day so it was up to me.  I got up at the butt-crack of dawn, took Emma to her favorite place ever (daycare), got a coffee, and got crackin'.  Within 3 hours, or 4, I was done and was pretty impressed with myself. Matt says I need to have a party every weekend so the apartment can look that nice all the time.  He's so funny.

We had a good time though!  Nicole brought some individual apple pies, Kate brought wine, I made Matt make some hummus and guacamole and we were set.  Did I take pictures of any of this?  No. We still had a good time though despite no pictures. It's nice to have friends who are supportive of your crazy endeavors and I appreciate them all. :)

Saturday night Matt and I ventured out to see Paranormal Activity 3.  We planned to go to a late movie to hopefully weed out the obnoxious teenagers but that didn't happen.  We could barely here the movie because people were giggling and talking and laughing and being obnoxious during the whole thing. I hate paying an arm and leg to see a movie only to have it ruined by assholes.  Matt was seething by the end of it. No more opening weekend movies for us.  We are officially fuddy duds.

Sunday I spent snuggling my super tired adorable puppy.  Had breakdowns over accounting and planted my butt on the couch for the rest of the day.  Accounting and I are going to spend some time again together today.  He's like a bad date I can't get rid of.


  1. Sounds like a really nice weekend. I'm the same way with certain opening weekend movies. Talking teens drive me crazy....clearly I'm a 57 year old woman.

  2. i thought the first paranormal activity was terrifying, didn't even know they made a second one! that's how long it's been :(

  3. Amen to making 3 days weekends a universally recognized amendment:-) That's the only way I can get things done! xoxo