Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last week I jumped in to the Scentsy business and became an "Independent Scentsy Consultant".  Yes. ME. 

It makes my apartment smell amazing!  Which is nice, especially when you have a boyfriend and a dog competing for who can stink up the place faster.

I have no plans to quit my job and start rolling in the big bucks but I like the product and was hooked after my first order.  Scentsy is a flameless/wickless candle system and I probably would have never heard about it if I didn't hang out with a bunch of scrapbookers on a message board.  (I'm just releasing all of my nerd qualities in one fell swoop) 

I got my intro kit in the mail last night which includes samples of all 80 (!) scents.  Matt and I sat around burning our nose hairs off smelling them all.  I think I'm going to buy one for his mom for Christmas instead of buying her those damn yankee candles.  I love yankee candles, but those things are SO expensive.  This system is cool because you buy a warmer and then just replenish your scents, which at $5 each, are much more budget friendly.

All done nerding out now ;)


  1. I must agree, Scentsy is amazing !!

  2. My boyfriend's brother sells these (and host a crap ton of parties that I feel like I'm always being invited to). I really, really like the scents. Good luck with selling them!

  3. Sweet!! I had never heard of this before being exposed to the military life... LOL Military, scrapbooking, it's all the same... I'm actually being conned into going to a party thing tonight for it... wish me luck! If I decide I like some smells though you'll have to let me know your little vendor # and I can go through you :)

  4. @Meg- It is! I feel like I drank the kool aid

    @Fleur- your Bf's brother? Interesting! and thanks! I'm not much of salesperson so I think it will just kind of be a fun project.

    @Ashley- have fun! I didn't enjoy some of the scents but I liked most of them. That link up there ^^^ goes directly to "my site" if you want to poke around :)